Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Are you in or around NYC....Reflections on the Dolphin Mind, May 10th....

7:00pm until 8:30pm

Hunter College
 69th Street (bet Lexington & Park) 
New York City

Dolphin expert Dr. Diana Reiss gives amazing insights to the oceans most remarkable creatures. Don’t miss this fun event!

Dolphins are generally considered to be the second smartest animals on earth. They have a robust and multifaceted system of communications just as we do, they raise and teach their young the ways of their world as we do, and like humans, they have brains capable of empathy and altruism. These are amazing creatures and Diana Reiss has spent 25 years studying them. Her insight into the dolphin mind -- why they do what they do and what they are capable of -- is fascinating. Join Speaker, Diana Reiss and moderator, Mark Moffett for an enlightening evening of talk about Dolphin Minds!

All Proceeds from this event will go to the non-profit Animal Minds to help raise awareness of the cognizant abilities of animals.

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Thinking Animals, Inc.—like all not-for-profit organizations—must rely on contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations who share our commitment to educating the public about the many significant discoveries taking place in the field of animal intelligence—and what these discoveries mean for our future. Most immediately, we are seeking support to enable us to move forward with the first Exploring Animal Minds lecture series.

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