Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Make a Wish Event

Wordless Wednesday!!

No words needed.......

Simply precious!!!
This is my best friends, Marsha's new baby, Arabella Faith!! She is four weeks old.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Peek-A-Book and Giveaway !! (CLOSED!!)

Peek-A-Book (A look at the book I just picked up!!)
For this week's peek-a-book, I just started reading Hilary Manton Lodge’s newest novel, “Plain Jayne.” Since Amish books are pretty much my favorite genre, I am very excited to see all these new and also well-known authors venturing into the ‘simple life’ territory and writing about the Amish and their way of life. I have never read any of Hilary’s books, but as of chapter 1...this one definitely looks like a KEEPER. (reader… a book not to be put down until finished!) So…I’ll give the review in the next few days, even though I know I will have finished the book by the end of the night. LOL!

I ALWAYS only read the first chapter of a book before I decide whether or not to put it down or keep reading it…unless of course I am editing it or have promised to do a book review on the book. I realize that I may have missed out on many great books by not giving them more of a chance…but I just don’t have the patience. The book must catch my eye right away.

But that’s also not to say that it could just be my mood on that particular day. Often times I will wait a few months and then pick the book back up and give it another try, but more often than not…it’s the same conclusion…don’t read it!! LOL! I think that instinct was given to us for a reason, therefore I try to always go with my first instinct. It is almost if not always right.
And… intuition right now is telling me to host a giveaway. Don’t you just love giveaways?? I DO!! And I love to host them!! And so without anymore further rambling on my part….

I am giving away a stationary/pen/note card set for those of you who still do the whole snail mail thing at least once in awhile. So to enter…I want to know who…if anyone you snail mail on a regular basis? And also if any of you have pen-pals out there that you have either met or never met. I am giving away two separate sets and there will be two different ways to win. The first set will be given away by random drawing for those of you who reply that you do still snail mail. And the second set will be given away to someone who has a pen-pal and who has the most interesting story (by my judging…of course!!)

Good luck!!! XOXO ~Steph

Thanks to everyone for entering!!! 7/21/10  I'm emailing the winners right now!!

Book Review--"Shades of Blue"

“Shades of Blue” by Karen Kingsbury

A wonderful, but heart wrenching story. This book deals with unplanned pregnancy and teenage abortion. The teenage couple in the beginning of the book, have never really made amends with their selves or each other. After that summer and the ‘secret procedure,’ they never talked to or seen each other again, until years later when the book picks back up while they are adults in full swing of real life. The guy has a promising career and is about to enter into marriage with the love of his life, but he is somehow reminded of that long ago summer day, the baby he will never get the chance to meet because of their rushed decision about the procedure. All he can think of are the things he never did, the words he never said, the apologies he never expressed. And all he knows now is that he cannot go on with the wedding without first returning to his hometown and making amends. But will seeing his old love again and reminiscing about their could have been life and baby, be enough to cause him to not want to go thru with the wedding after all?

This book will definitely pull on your heartstrings, as all of Karen Kingsbury’s (one of my two favorite authors) books are sure to do. Her books always seem to be just what I needed to read at that specific point in my life, either to help me deal with a personal issue I was going thru, or to help a loved one deal with something that they might be going thru at that particular time.

“Shades of Blue” is the perfect book for anyone who has had an abortion and cannot forgive themselves or thinks that they are no longer worthy of God’s love. It is also perfect for those who know someone who fits into that category, you might learn ways to help them to heal and realize that they can be forgiven and that everyone is worthy of God’s love, no matter what mistakes they have made in the past. This book is also perfect for someone that fits into neither of these categories, but just really loves life-changing and believable fiction.

On a personal note…I believe that Karen’s books helped to change my life for the better. Years ago, after my second divorce and a lot of physical abuse from my ex-husband, I came across one of Karen’s books by chance. I’m pretty sure that the first book I read by her was, “Waiting for Morning,” which turned into a three book series entitled the “Forever Faithful” series. From this first book, I was hooked and also had a completely renewed look at life. Often after finishing reading one of her books, sometimes way after, I find myself wondering about the characters of the book, as if they are real people. I guess to me, the characters in a book, really are real people. I would suggest that everyone take a look at Karen’s website. She has a wonderful husband and six great children, some of which were adopted from Haiti.

A few of things that I like about Karen are (1) the fact that in the beginning of each of her books, she updates you on her own family, and it’s like you personally know her family and you find yourself cheering for her kids as they grow up and graduate from and/or accomplish special points in their lives. (2) I also love the fact that Karen’s family is involved in her books. For instance her mother is her assistant, and one of her sisters is her executive assistant who keeps her website up to date and reads and responds to Karen’s emails, and also sends bibles to those that don’t have one of their own. (3) Lastly, I love that they have the “Forever in Fiction” program where you can bid to win and have your loved ones name place in one of Karen’s upcoming books to honor them forever in fiction.

xoxo ~Steph

Friday, June 11, 2010

Book interview/giveaway via...The Giveaway Lady

The Giveaway Lady has an interview with Annalisa Daughety on her blog

Not only is the interview super interesting, but it also has an opportunity to win one of her books.

Check it out and enter for chance to win today. While you’re at it, become a follower of The Giveaway Lady on Google Friend Connect and/or twitter or the reader of your choice.

Thoughtful Thursday (yesterday..since my PC went down last night)

On Thursdays, my family makes it a point to try and be a little extra thoughtful to and of others. Sometimes we will just find random things we can do for random people. We don’t feel the need to be acknowledged by them, for these kind deeds that we do, therefore they are often done anonymously. For instance, we live in the city, so have small yards…and we might wait until a neighbor leaves and run next door or across the street and mow their lawn real quick before they come home. Sometimes it might be a bouquet of flowers for the lady across the street, or cleaning up a neighborhood park.

I have found that often one of the most thoughtful things you can do for someone is simply to smile at them. A smile can mean so much. The way I see it, is that what might take or cost very little for me to do, but for the receiver, it might be a really big deal to them. Seeing the smiles on their faces(if we are so lucky) is more than enough payment in return for our thoughtfulness. (✿◠‿◠)

Today, it was raining, so we didn’t do a whole of anything outside. What we did do today was so much fun and it was also very thoughtful. We went shopping and put together different types of gift baskets for many different types of occasions. These gift baskets and bags will come in perfectly handy for an unexpected birthday party or other last minute gift-giving occasions. Also….readers, don’t fret….some of these gift baskets were made with you in mind….I will be giving some of these baskets away here and there, in-between the books….lol

So readers….I’m wondering what kinds of thoughtful things do you or your family do for others?


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sibling love...

Check this out (cool blog and giveaway)

Hey everyone. I just thought I'd let you know that Amy from "Our Small World: A Mom's View" is hosting a $40 gift certificate giveaway to any of the CSN online stores. That's over 200 stores to choose your gift from.

Check it out and make sure to become a follower of Amy's blog while you're at it :)

Have a great day!!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's giveaway time. anyone out there up for free stuff?? Me?? I'm a mother of five, I will acccept any and everything for free that I can come across (well...almost anything.) I mean sometimes people feel sorry for me, they say, "Oh, look at that single mom with all those kids, lets see if she wants our broken DVD player." Thanks, but no thanks.

Some of my favorites freebies are books...why?? Because I read about three to five books a week. I do reviews of books. I edit books at reasonable prices for those that are self-publishing their books, and I spend every non-accounted for hour that I have in the library. I have library cards to every library from here to Boston. (about 50 all are put to good use.)

Ok..OK...I know..I said this was a giveaway.....And it is a book!! This is a great book. I actually recieved two copies, one for myself to review and keep and one to give to a lucky reader of my blog. This book has very helpful hints on ways to spend less, and how to make your dollars stretch farther. It is called "Detox Your Finances" by John Middleton.

To enter...leave a comment about what part of your finances you might want to get in order. For example, for's not buying so many books. I need to set a limit on how many books I can buy in a month. I'm thinking like 20, if they look really good, and then the rest I will have to make do with borrowing them from one of the many libraries I patronize.

My son, Nathan

Last but certainly not least, is Nathan (Nate) who is 5. He was suppose to be Mommy’s second little girl. Especially with his beautiful long eyelashes and pretty, huge brown eyes. He is not one to be left out of anything…he will make sure he is included one way or another. He is a different superhero everyday so I always need to be on guard when I wake him up in the morning. I never know if I need to be Spiderman and have my webs ready to go up against his Hulk-smash or whether I should get my Wolverine blades ready to battle Batman and his cape. Never a dull moment with this one, I’ll tell you!!

My son, Brandon

Brandon (B) is 10. He is a great student in school. He is constantly getting sent home with these wonderful student rewards. He’s had the best handwriting in his grade four years running. But do you think that he would continue any of his ‘good kid’ routine once he gets home from school? Not a chance. In fact, some days I think he lives to see how crazy he can make us. In fact he ABSOLUTELY LOVES to stand above me when I am sitting and count, yes count my gray hairs and tell me the number he came up with. I tell him I want to get my hair highlighted and he says, “You have highlights, Mom, they’re gray!!” Not quite the color I was going for.

My son, Jacob

Jacob (Jakey) is 14 going on 25. We’ve all seen the type. Beautiful long, curly hair. Every girl at school wants him and calls him ten times a day to just giggle into the phone. But what does Jakey want? Just give him his skateboard, his guitar, and his PS-3 and he’s happy as can be. He is really, really good at skateboarding. He is constantly building new ramps and rails in the backyard and learning the latest tricks. I am constantly hoping for no more broken bones...luckily he has only had one broken wrist so far. And as far as his guitar playing, he can play both electric and bass, but prefers the bass. He can listen to a song one time, and then almost immediately turn around and play it by ear!!! Pretty good, if I don't say so myself. He definately didn't get his musical abilities from my side of the family. I cannot sing a note or keep a tune to save my

My daughter, Rachel

Rachel (Rach) is 17 and is my only girl. She is the perfect model daughter, literally. She got signed to her first modeling agency just last week and had her first photo shoot yesterday. Mom is of course hoping she gets rich quick and buys me a house, etc, etc. No, to be realistic…I just hope she has fun and gets some interesting jobs and learns the ins and outs. She is also signed up to go to college for Massage Therapy in the fall. Of course, I LET her practice on me every night…I mean I want her to be the best in the class on the first day of school, and how else than to massage mommas back and feet every night?? LOL. Well, a Mom can wish, can’t she?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My son Tyler


My oldest son, Tyler is 19. He lives in Michigan, where he chose to stay to go to college and be around his girlfriend. Ahh the beauty of your first love. We all remember those. Wasn’t it so easy back then. You were in love, well just because you were!!

Tyler is an aspiring tattoo artist and hopes to own his own shop someday. He is going to college for business management. He doesn’t need much help in the art department.

He has given many, many tats already and has quite an assortment of them on his own body already.

He even designed the two that I have. I had always said that I would NEVER EVER get a tattoo. But when your son designs them and does them so good, and makes hearts, which is Mom’s favorite thing…who can resist? I even has plans for three more. But we’ve all heard the saying…If you have more than three tattoos, you’ve been in prison?? I mean… of course I haven’t but as long as they are discreet and not huge, I’m going to go ahead with it.


Just a little about me....

Ok, Well first I figured I’d better tell you all just a little about myself. Why just a little you may ask? Because I wouldn’t’ want to scare you all away on my very first post. Let’s see I am a single mom (happily divorced twice) of five wonderfully crazy kids. I’m not ashamed to say that two are from each marriage/divorce and one is from what I like to ONLY refer to as a sperm donor. I’m not sure he’d like to be called that and if he knew I did, he’d probably want to be compensated in some way, most likely cash. And yes I realize that makes me sound bad, but if I am Ok with what I’ve done in the past, then I feel others should be to. After all…I am who I am today because of the decisions I made yesterday. Let’s see…I am 37, no 36, no 37 year old. Yes…it’s 2010 and I was born in 1972, so that makes me 37. Why the back and forth on my age you might wonder?? Well, who really has time to remember their own age or even the last time they used the restroom without the help of their kids when they have five children who they need to know and remember every (always changing) thing about. I mean three of my five were born in April…if that wasn’t my first clue that someone was messing with me, I don’t know what was. My children range in age from 19 to 5, and I will introduce them to you in the days to come.