Saturday, June 5, 2010

My son Tyler


My oldest son, Tyler is 19. He lives in Michigan, where he chose to stay to go to college and be around his girlfriend. Ahh the beauty of your first love. We all remember those. Wasn’t it so easy back then. You were in love, well just because you were!!

Tyler is an aspiring tattoo artist and hopes to own his own shop someday. He is going to college for business management. He doesn’t need much help in the art department.

He has given many, many tats already and has quite an assortment of them on his own body already.

He even designed the two that I have. I had always said that I would NEVER EVER get a tattoo. But when your son designs them and does them so good, and makes hearts, which is Mom’s favorite thing…who can resist? I even has plans for three more. But we’ve all heard the saying…If you have more than three tattoos, you’ve been in prison?? I mean… of course I haven’t but as long as they are discreet and not huge, I’m going to go ahead with it.


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