Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's giveaway time.

So....is anyone out there up for free stuff?? Me?? I'm a mother of five, I will acccept any and everything for free that I can come across (well...almost anything.) I mean sometimes people feel sorry for me, they say, "Oh, look at that single mom with all those kids, lets see if she wants our broken DVD player." Thanks, but no thanks.

Some of my favorites freebies are books...why?? Because I read about three to five books a week. I do reviews of books. I edit books at reasonable prices for those that are self-publishing their books, and I spend every non-accounted for hour that I have in the library. I have library cards to every library from here to Boston. (about 50 miles...lol...and all are put to good use.)

Ok..OK...I know..I said this was a giveaway.....And it is a book!! This is a great book. I actually recieved two copies, one for myself to review and keep and one to give to a lucky reader of my blog. This book has very helpful hints on ways to spend less, and how to make your dollars stretch farther. It is called "Detox Your Finances" by John Middleton.

To enter...leave a comment about what part of your finances you might want to get in order. For example, for me...it's not buying so many books. I need to set a limit on how many books I can buy in a month. I'm thinking like 20, if they look really good, and then the rest I will have to make do with borrowing them from one of the many libraries I patronize.


  1. I'm excited you started a blog! I'm a blogaholic, lol. Hope you're having a great week! Much Love

  2. Thanks so much for entering my APRON GIVEAWAY!! Good luck!!

    As fo my finances....I need to stop buying fabric and craft items. I have a room full and I keep on buying.