Monday, June 28, 2010

Peek-A-Book and Giveaway !! (CLOSED!!)

Peek-A-Book (A look at the book I just picked up!!)
For this week's peek-a-book, I just started reading Hilary Manton Lodge’s newest novel, “Plain Jayne.” Since Amish books are pretty much my favorite genre, I am very excited to see all these new and also well-known authors venturing into the ‘simple life’ territory and writing about the Amish and their way of life. I have never read any of Hilary’s books, but as of chapter 1...this one definitely looks like a KEEPER. (reader… a book not to be put down until finished!) So…I’ll give the review in the next few days, even though I know I will have finished the book by the end of the night. LOL!

I ALWAYS only read the first chapter of a book before I decide whether or not to put it down or keep reading it…unless of course I am editing it or have promised to do a book review on the book. I realize that I may have missed out on many great books by not giving them more of a chance…but I just don’t have the patience. The book must catch my eye right away.

But that’s also not to say that it could just be my mood on that particular day. Often times I will wait a few months and then pick the book back up and give it another try, but more often than not…it’s the same conclusion…don’t read it!! LOL! I think that instinct was given to us for a reason, therefore I try to always go with my first instinct. It is almost if not always right.
And… intuition right now is telling me to host a giveaway. Don’t you just love giveaways?? I DO!! And I love to host them!! And so without anymore further rambling on my part….

I am giving away a stationary/pen/note card set for those of you who still do the whole snail mail thing at least once in awhile. So to enter…I want to know who…if anyone you snail mail on a regular basis? And also if any of you have pen-pals out there that you have either met or never met. I am giving away two separate sets and there will be two different ways to win. The first set will be given away by random drawing for those of you who reply that you do still snail mail. And the second set will be given away to someone who has a pen-pal and who has the most interesting story (by my judging…of course!!)

Good luck!!! XOXO ~Steph

Thanks to everyone for entering!!! 7/21/10  I'm emailing the winners right now!!


  1. I occasionally do the snail mail thing. Before when my best friend didn't have a cell phone, all we did was Snail mail. We do it once in a while just for the fun of it and it is great! :)

  2. Readers....I was informed that I mispelled the word "stationery." Sorry about that...guess I was in a hurry. And so just in case there is any confusion...I am giving away paper that you can write letters on!! LOL

  3. Yes! I do still snail mail! I live about 13 hours away from most my family and most the the great grandparents don't use the phone often. So I snail mail my 94 year old grandma and a few other relatives. They really enjoy walking to the mail box and pulling out a letter from me to the highlight of the day is getting mail. awwww. soo hope I win btw I am now following your blog...come follow mine and enter my SodaStream giveaway!!!
    Stash Mama

  4. ...o and my email is corpesa14 at yahoo dot com

  5. I still use snail mail to send letters to my nieces. They are just now learning to read and write so this is a perfect time for them!

    frugalsciencegal [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. hello i would love love to win! my best friend is a milspouse ;0) and has had to move away all over the place father and farther away from me ... we are pen pals and so are our kids!!!

    Thanks for letting me share


  7. I snail mail to those who are sick, etc. Usually, it's someone from church. But really, the only other one I snail mail is my great-aunt from Scotland, who resides in Holland in a nursing home. She loves to get mail, and it's like Christmas for her when we send her something (even if it's just a letter or a card). We love Aunt Daisy. :-)

  8. I'm a card sender. I do write long notes in them but I love sending cards. My bestfriend and I send each other cards every month. We try to find the most orginal cards we can find. Then at the end of the year we count up who send the most weird cards and the other person buys lunch. You get to pick any place to have lunch so we have been to some fancy places.
    Those cards have help each of us through some rough times and given us lots of good times.