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Don't miss 'Book Week" Oct 25 - 31....

Well it seems as if 'Kid's Week' was a success....
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'Book Week'
Oct 25 - 31

You can look forward to many reviews and giveaways!!

I will be kicking 'Book Week' off tomorrow with
Pauline Holyoak's new book,
"Merryweather Lodge: Ancient Revenge"

A sneak peek at some of the books I will be giving away....

Don't miss all the great reviews this week!!

Two great sites you will definately want to check out!!

 Fantasy Art, Clothing, & Collectibles


Joe's Shirt Shop offers tons of shirts.
Everything from celtic, animals, sports and more...way, way, more!!



A Thin Line: Words/Wounds...(If You Were Ever Going To Read A Post of Mine, PLEASE, Make It This One!!!!)

Well, we all know that the majority of tweens, teens, and some younger kids have cell phones these days!
But do you, as the parent, actually know how your child is using their phone??
I mean are they using it only in an appropriate way??

Maybe you should check it out once in awhile. True this is snooping, but it could stop bullying before it gets too late. Many of you may remember the big news story about the teen girl who killed herself instead of going back to school for another day of being bullied by her classmates...

I mean when I was young I always remember people telling me that words cant hurt me!!
But...words do hurt me, and I'm sure they hurt you as well.
Remember, that riddle:
"Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but words will never hurt me."
Even back then, I though it was SO STUPID!!

Well, cell phones are being used more in more in inappropriate ways!! Do you know what they are??

MTV has put together a great campaign called A Thin Line and can be found at
Him/The Whole School
Please take some time to check out this great site and then talk to your kids about it.
 Perhaps look at it together.

I'm going to hit on a few points here, but please visit the website to learn more!!

Ok, so first, let's take a look at some of the inappropriate ways cell phones are being used.

First I will list a term and then I will follow it with the definition.

Want to know more about sexting? Get the facts now.

Sexting: Sending or forwarding nude, sexually suggestive, or explicit pics on your cell or online. For some people, it's no big deal. But real problems can emerge when the parties involved are under 18, when people get pressured into sexting, and when sexts go viral.

Constant Messaging: Just what it sounds like. Constantly texting, IM'ing, or emailing a friend, bf/gf, frenemy, or anyone to keep tabs on or harass them.

Spying: Sneaking peeks at others' text message or call history, breaking into a friend or bf/gfs's inbox, or even digitally stalking them.

Digital Disrespect: Spreading negative or embarrassing dirt (true, untrue, or unknown, via text, pic or video) about someone behind their back or to their face.

Cruelty: Using digital platforms to intentionally make other people's lives miserable. For example: blackmail (making demands in exchange for not revealing something embarrassing or damaging about the victim); hate-mongering (spreading discriminatory, racist messages); direct threats, etc...

Ok, now that we are a little more familiar with the terms, let's see what we can do to help!!
I am taking these next few lines directly from the website.

Support Others

Being harassed, threatened, or emotionally abused via your digital device is not fun. Here's how you can help your friends get through it and be a part of the solution, not the problem:

    •Listen. Sometimes a good long venting session can help people feel better, so offer to listen without judgment or comment.

   •Play nice/Think twice. Help friends, acquaintances, people you hardly know and even strangers    by NOT getting sucked into a feeding frenzy. Don't harass people online.

Be Part of the Solution

No matter how large or small, every action you take to increase national awareness of this issue is an important step. Educate yourself, inspire others to make a difference and be a part of the solution. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Spread the Word

•Add A Thin Line on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter

•Post A Thin Line banners

Submit your story, rate others' stories, and help define the line between innocent and inappropriate.

•Embed A Thin Line videos

Embed A Thin Line Quiz

My thoughts:

All of these things may seem harmless and probably funny to the person doing it.
But the victim, the one who is being harassed is probably really hurt by these things!!

I want to give you a few phone numbers that can also be found on that website...
But I strongly encourage/URGE you to either hang them up by the phone or
better yet, jot them down on a post-it note for your child
and give it to them. Chances are if they do need or want to use it...
they won't just come out and tell you!!

National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline

National Suiside Prevention Lifeline
that is

Here are a couple of great and very informative websites as well.

This site gives ways to make you feel better!!

This site talks about sex and safe relationships!!

I hope this post helps someone!!
Please spread the word!!


Kid’s Week Giveaway Links All In One Post...

Uncommonly Cute - win your choice of onesie or t-shirt.

$10 gift card to GYMBOREE (2 winners)

$15 gift card to Disney Store (2 winners)

Memorable Children Books & Gifts (5 winners)

2 pack of Scholastic Books (2 winners)

3 mo. Zoodles Premium Membership (3 winners)

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Uncommonly Cute Review & Giveaway....(HAS ENDED)

has the most adorable onesies and t-shirts (short and long sleeve) for your child :)
When they told me I could choose a shirt for my Nate, I was so excited.
Of course, then I couldn't decide which one to choose.
I new I wanted long sleeve for the coming cold season, but I had no idea what logo to choose.
I finally chose the 'Got Bandaids' in black, and Nate just loves it !!

Here are some other adorable choices that they offer....

Can't you just imagine your little one sportin' one of these Uncommonly Cute shirts??
They will definitely be getting all the looks that day, so make sure
you are dressed up cute :)

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the t-shirt when it came.
I am always nervous about ordering from a company for the first time, especially when it is clothes.
You just don't know the quality of the clothing, nor do you know if they size small or bigger
than actual know the basics that really matter :)
In my honest opinion, their shirts are true to size and of great quality!!

And don't forget to visit their blog....

The folks at Uncommonly Cute were generous enough to offer one of my followers:
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The winner will be chosen 11/20 and will be contacted by email. They will have 48 hours
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Note: I was not compensated financially or in other way to do this review/giveaway other than keeping the free product I got to review. I always give my honest opinion of the items I review.

Memorable Children Books & Gifts Giveaway....(HAS ENDED)

The Keepsake That Educates!!

You won't believe all the wonderful items that Memorable Children Books & Gifts has to offer.
I'm going to show you a few of my favorites, but I want you to be assured that
they have way, way more to offer than I can show you here.

I love these personalized books!! These were always one of my favorites when I was a child.
My grandma had ordered each of us grandchildren a book with our names and our cousins names in it
for Christmas one year. And me being the book lover that I am , it was by far one of my favorite gifts!!
This year I am getting one for my youngest son, Nate!!

And how about Audio Books. What kid doesn't like a book that talks to them??
MCB (Memorable Children Books) has many audio books to offer such as this one...

Here is another great personalized item that MCB has to offer, a clock!!
I definitely want to get my Nate one of these this year too.
Not only is he just learning how to tell time, but he loves the characters and how fun
to have your name on your clock :) They have many characters to choose from!!

And finally (not because this is all they have to offer--but because I am out of room)
I am going to show this wonderful item for your baby.
I have done a previous post on this item because I'm completely in love with it...
and really, really recommend it for your child.

And now for the GIVEAWAY!!

Ella, the owner of Memorable Children Books & Gifts has ever so generously donated all of these books
for many of my lucky followers to win and enjoy with their children :)

I have taken the items and split them up pretty much by age group, so that more children will be able to
benefit from this giveaway. I have split the donations into 5 separate prize packages!!

Prize Pkg #1

Roald Dahl's 'Matilda' and 'The BFG'
(I am personally throwing in a copy of 'The BFG' because I
have extra, and it fits perfectly here!!)

Prize Pkg #2

Once Upon A Time
Storybook & Musical Clock Timer
'Read for 20 Minutes a Day
with your Working Clock and Digital Timer'

Prize Pkg #3

Care Bears
Care-a-Lot Jamboree
Rated E for Everyone
(sorry the photo is so small)

Prize Pkg #4

Star Wars 'The Clone Wars' and The 39 Clues 'Beyond The Grave'

Prize Pkg #5

Little Einstein's 'June's New Shoes' and Weebles 'The Weebleville Talent Show'

Mandatory Entry:  Follow MCB on facebook and tell them '4 the LUV of SaNiTy' sent you.
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Good luck!!

Note: I was not compensated in any way for my opinion or to host this review and/or giveaway. I always give my honest opinion of all  items that I review. In this specific giveaway, my son actually kept a Clifford book. When this pkg came in the mail, he fell in love with the book and was somehow able to find it and keep it hidden from for the Clifford book, an extra thanks to Ella!!

Winner will be chosen on 11/20 and will be contacted via email. They will have
48 hours to reply or I will need to choose a new winner!

What are your weekend plans??

I wanted to let you all know about a few great deals I came across
and thought alot of  you would probably like to
get some use out of them as well!!

Here is a newsletter that sends you reallly great deals!
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Weekly Cinema Deals

Weekly Cinema

The kids and I are going to see a movie this weekend!!
Well between the four of us that are going, we are seeing two different movies!!

Nate and I are seeing...

While 'B' and Jake are going to watch...

I wanted to tell you about a great way to buy your movie tickets
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All you have to do is sign up with Weekly Cinema and you get one free movie ticket.
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Weekly Cinema

And finally, just in case you have some home repairs to look forward to this weekend, lol...
Here is a cool contest that could score you some potentially great prizes.
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So, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Make sure to sign up for some or all of the "kids week" giveaways!!