Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Halloween Fun' with Python Printable Games Review...

When I was offered the chance to review these games, I was excited because my family and I are pretty big game players. I have loved board games, card games, puzzles, word searches since I was young.
I love it that I have passed this hobby on to my kids, they have fun while they are learning :)
I was amazed when I first got my link to Python Printable Halloween games,
there were so many different games and activities to choose from.
I saw some word searches, trivia games, coloring pages, matching games, and more.

I printed up quite a few of these games for my kids to enjoy!!

Nate holding the clue and the answer...a leaf :)

The very first game that caught my eyes was a 'scavenger hunt.'

Nate picking up the answer (trash)


I LOVE scavenger hunts. I remember back when I was young, my Grandma would always have scavenger hunts for the holidays. She went all out on these!! I mean they weren't just for the kids, the adults would be
right out there looking and searching with us!! Her version and now mine, were just slightly different from the one's (yes, I printed each one that they had *smiles*) I printed from Python. We always had one clue lead us to the next clue.  The version that I let my youngest, Nate play was just right for his age. I read him the clue and urged him to really think about it, and then it was so cute...
you'd see the his big browns eyes light up and he'd take off running :) 

My ten year old, Brandon really enjoyed doing some of the word searches and also this
'Werewolf Spot The Difference Game'
He actually found a difference that wasn't on the solution page...which geeked him up to no end :)
Now he thinks he's smarter than those guys at !!

 Now, don't get me wrong...I have only talked about and shared pictures from the kids' games that I printed up. BUT...there are printable games here for teens as well as adults.

We are having a big Halloween Party for the kids and their friends this year. We are sort of going all out this time, what with the big new house and all. I was able to print up some really cool 'Teen Terrors Mad Libs' for the teens, but I'm not bringing them out til the party :)

All in all, I think Python had a nice variety of games in this package. The only thing that I can see that would have made it better (and this has nothing to do with Python) is if I had been smart enough to buy colored ink for my printer before I printed some of these games
When you purchase this 'Halloween Party Games Pack' from Python Printable Games for only $19.95,
you get unlimited use AND number of copies!!

Just print and play!

You can also purchase games separately.
For instance, this fun 'Pin The Head On The Monster' game is only $6.95.

Here is a link to some free coloring page print outs!! And also...a $5 coupon for you to use!!

Note: I was not compensated in any form to do this review, except for being able to keep the games I printed up. I always give my honest opinion.


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