Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'Buttons and Bottles' Etsy shop review and giveaway....

While messing around in my free time, (lol, yeah like I know the meaning of free time!! )
I came across yet another great Etsy shop that I think you will really like.
I love these great handmade cards and crafts.
I'm a sort of a sucker when it comes to holidays...all holidays (no matter how big or small)
It gives me an occasion to not only go shopping :)
...but I also get to make up little gift packages for my kiddos!!

Michelle is the owner of Buttons and Bottles. She has had her Etsy shop since August, 2010.
When I found out that Michelle was originally from my home state of Michigan
and had also lived in Arizona for awhile, like myself...I felt a sort of connection with her.
Michelle now lives in California. I'm sure she's enjoying
much better weather than we are her in Michigan :)
But enough of that...
Here is a picture of all the great items that Michelle sent me from her
Buttons and Bottles Etsy shop.
And I apologize if you feel the need to look at this sideways...
My photo editing program wasn't working with me tonight :(

These gift tags will be the perfect way to decorate the kids' packages this year!!

Surprised Little Witch Tag
Can you believe this handmade pumpkin??

Michelle not only sent me one, but she also sent me a sample of the 'wool fiber' that she uses to make these adorable things. She says, "I take the wool and a felting needle that has very small barbs on it and just shape it as I go until I end up with the item I want." Now...I know nothing about wool and felting needles and all that, but it sure doesn't sound the easiest. And, wow...I love the finished item, so obviously her hard work is well worth it :)

Now, I'd love to keep showing off her cute Halloween items, but I want to be sure that everyone realizes that she has way more to offer.

Butterfly Party Tags

Lavender Bag
Penguin Holiday Tags
Arrangement of Flowers Card
And now...It's...

Buttons and Bottles has so generously offered the lucky winner a gift basket worth $20 of  her items!!
Now wasn't that just the sweetest of her???

Mandatory Entry: You must follow me via GFC and also go to Buttons and Bottles
Etsy shop and tell me what your favorite item is.

Extra Entries:  You may do as many of as few of these as you choose, BUT, you must have finished the mandatory entry first, or none of the following entries will be accepted.

Please feel free to leave all of your entries in one comment.
Give yourself a bonus entry if you leave me the number of your total entries at the
bottom of the comment!!  Thanks!

+2 Heart Buttons and Bottles Etsy shop.
+ 20 Make a purchase from Buttons and Bottles. (Must be able to prove if you win.)
+3 Follow me on Twitter.
+1 Tweet about this giveaway and leave me the link. (Can be done once per day!)
+5 Follow me on facebook.
+1 Comment about this giveaway on facebook and either tag me or leave me the link.
+2 Subscribe to my blog via email.
+8 Blog about this giveaway and leave me the link.
+20  Yes -20- if you vote for my neice, Arabella.(This can be done once per day!!)
Good luck!!


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