Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My son, Jacob

Jacob (Jakey) is 14 going on 25. We’ve all seen the type. Beautiful long, curly hair. Every girl at school wants him and calls him ten times a day to just giggle into the phone. But what does Jakey want? Just give him his skateboard, his guitar, and his PS-3 and he’s happy as can be. He is really, really good at skateboarding. He is constantly building new ramps and rails in the backyard and learning the latest tricks. I am constantly hoping for no more broken bones...luckily he has only had one broken wrist so far. And as far as his guitar playing, he can play both electric and bass, but prefers the bass. He can listen to a song one time, and then almost immediately turn around and play it by ear!!! Pretty good, if I don't say so myself. He definately didn't get his musical abilities from my side of the family. I cannot sing a note or keep a tune to save my life...lol.

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