Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just a little about me....

Ok, Well first I figured I’d better tell you all just a little about myself. Why just a little you may ask? Because I wouldn’t’ want to scare you all away on my very first post. Let’s see I am a single mom (happily divorced twice) of five wonderfully crazy kids. I’m not ashamed to say that two are from each marriage/divorce and one is from what I like to ONLY refer to as a sperm donor. I’m not sure he’d like to be called that and if he knew I did, he’d probably want to be compensated in some way, most likely cash. And yes I realize that makes me sound bad, but if I am Ok with what I’ve done in the past, then I feel others should be to. After all…I am who I am today because of the decisions I made yesterday. Let’s see…I am 37, no 36, no 37 year old. Yes…it’s 2010 and I was born in 1972, so that makes me 37. Why the back and forth on my age you might wonder?? Well, who really has time to remember their own age or even the last time they used the restroom without the help of their kids when they have five children who they need to know and remember every (always changing) thing about. I mean three of my five were born in April…if that wasn’t my first clue that someone was messing with me, I don’t know what was. My children range in age from 19 to 5, and I will introduce them to you in the days to come.

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