Monday, June 28, 2010

Book Review--"Shades of Blue"

“Shades of Blue” by Karen Kingsbury

A wonderful, but heart wrenching story. This book deals with unplanned pregnancy and teenage abortion. The teenage couple in the beginning of the book, have never really made amends with their selves or each other. After that summer and the ‘secret procedure,’ they never talked to or seen each other again, until years later when the book picks back up while they are adults in full swing of real life. The guy has a promising career and is about to enter into marriage with the love of his life, but he is somehow reminded of that long ago summer day, the baby he will never get the chance to meet because of their rushed decision about the procedure. All he can think of are the things he never did, the words he never said, the apologies he never expressed. And all he knows now is that he cannot go on with the wedding without first returning to his hometown and making amends. But will seeing his old love again and reminiscing about their could have been life and baby, be enough to cause him to not want to go thru with the wedding after all?

This book will definitely pull on your heartstrings, as all of Karen Kingsbury’s (one of my two favorite authors) books are sure to do. Her books always seem to be just what I needed to read at that specific point in my life, either to help me deal with a personal issue I was going thru, or to help a loved one deal with something that they might be going thru at that particular time.

“Shades of Blue” is the perfect book for anyone who has had an abortion and cannot forgive themselves or thinks that they are no longer worthy of God’s love. It is also perfect for those who know someone who fits into that category, you might learn ways to help them to heal and realize that they can be forgiven and that everyone is worthy of God’s love, no matter what mistakes they have made in the past. This book is also perfect for someone that fits into neither of these categories, but just really loves life-changing and believable fiction.

On a personal note…I believe that Karen’s books helped to change my life for the better. Years ago, after my second divorce and a lot of physical abuse from my ex-husband, I came across one of Karen’s books by chance. I’m pretty sure that the first book I read by her was, “Waiting for Morning,” which turned into a three book series entitled the “Forever Faithful” series. From this first book, I was hooked and also had a completely renewed look at life. Often after finishing reading one of her books, sometimes way after, I find myself wondering about the characters of the book, as if they are real people. I guess to me, the characters in a book, really are real people. I would suggest that everyone take a look at Karen’s website. She has a wonderful husband and six great children, some of which were adopted from Haiti.

A few of things that I like about Karen are (1) the fact that in the beginning of each of her books, she updates you on her own family, and it’s like you personally know her family and you find yourself cheering for her kids as they grow up and graduate from and/or accomplish special points in their lives. (2) I also love the fact that Karen’s family is involved in her books. For instance her mother is her assistant, and one of her sisters is her executive assistant who keeps her website up to date and reads and responds to Karen’s emails, and also sends bibles to those that don’t have one of their own. (3) Lastly, I love that they have the “Forever in Fiction” program where you can bid to win and have your loved ones name place in one of Karen’s upcoming books to honor them forever in fiction.

xoxo ~Steph

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