Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We have winners galore....

My apologies for not getting on here to announce the winners sooner. My home life is not really letting me keep up with my blog life!! Teenagers should be enough of an explanation for any of you that also have them!! Most of you have already been notified by email about your winnings if they were from before last week.

Today I several winners to announce.
A couple of you have won more than once :)

 Lewalk has won:
"No Throw"
"Merryweather Lodge"
"Memorable Childrens Books & Gifts"

Kara has won:
"Scholastic 2 book giveaway"
'Uncommonly Cute"
"Memorable Childrens Books & Gifts"

DragonsButterfly has won:
"Scholastic 2 books"

 Heidi330 has won:
"Words Anywhere"
"Roz Petals"

Karen has won:
"The Waiting"

Lindsey has won:
"Kael & Kaed"

Aisha has won:

Randy has won:
"Disney Store"

Cburton has won:
"Disney Store"
"Memorable Childrens Books & Gifts"

Marsha has won:
"Memorable Childrens' Books & Gifts"

All winners will be notified by email and have 48 hours to reply, or I will need to choose a new winner!!


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  1. Yayyyy, I worried about you when I didn't see you for a while. Trust me, I know how it is with teens, but I only have one. You have me beat so I know you're busy and worn out. I appreciate what you do and thank you so much for my wins.

    Leah Walker