Friday, April 19, 2013

FREE Blogger Opp! ~ Juppy Baby Walker Giveaway...


It is spring time and what better time to help your little one learn to walk so they can run around in the fresh green grass and sunshine?
I am looking for some fellow bloggers to help promote this awesome chance to win a Juppy Baby Walker!
*  Signing up is easy and free (with paid options). Follow the instructions below:
Participation is free (with paid options) – Receive 1 Link of choice Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest with announcement post or $5 without announcement (paid via PayPal as GIFT to
Additional Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest links are $1 each (paid via PayPal as GIFT to
Links for email subscribe/RSS/Feedburner are available for $2 each (paid via PayPal as GIFT to
Links for daily vote/daily comment are available for $3 each (paid via PayPal as GIFT to
* Agree to promote the giveaway at least 4 times a week once live
*  Sign-up will be accepted until April 28, 2013
*  Referral prize - the blog with the most referrals will get a free link of their choice
*  For any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact me at:
Grab the announcement post here: Announcement post
Fill out and submit the form here: Juppy Baby Walker Sign-Up Form

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