Monday, July 5, 2010

Book Review... "Plain Jayne"

The other day I had “Plain Jayne” by Hilary Manton Lodge as my Peek-A-Book! Well, needless to say, I finished it that same night, but with the traveling and visiting family and friends, I haven’t made the time to post the review until now.

Before I get into the actual review, I would like to mention that Amish fiction is absolutely one of my favorite genres to read. I must admit that in the beginning, I was expecting more of the Amish ways and dialect to be included; but once I got past my reservations and just went with the flow, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

With Jayne being the main character and of course being female…there obviously had to be some male figures included in the main plot (these include Shane, an Englisher who is Jayne’s current boyfriend; and Levi, an outcast from the Burkholder’s family because he chose not to join the church) and just enough other characters (with little bits of their lives thrown in), so as either, not to over-do it -or- bore you.

As I read, I slowly watched Jayne transform into the person she has been yearning to be. In the beginning of the book, Jayne’s boss decides she needs some time off from her job as a newspaper columnist or, either that, or a new job. She opts for the time off and goes to live with an Amish family, in hopes of finding her own story (not one thrown at her from the newspaper editor that doesn’t interest her in the slightest.) This idea to stay with the Amish clearly did her a world of good. She comes into her own, so to speak. An Amish family, the Burkholders takes her in, and slowly she learns their ways…the simple life. Like I said, as Jayne learns how to cook and clean, and do other Amish chores as thoroughly as the Amish do, I see her realize things she has been missing in her own life until now…one of these, simply being, a sense of family and responsibility

Half way thru the book, I started voting toward the fact that Jayne might consider “going plain.” But, I also must admit, that this is always my vote for the Englishers who visit the Amish and realize that they are interested in their ways more than they could ever imagine.

So…now…as not to spoil the book and/or ending for any of you…(because this is a DEFINATE MUST READ for anyone who enjoys Inspirational fiction….Amish or otherwise. The real question here is what path will Jayne choose? Will she stick with Shane, who she has been with for awhile and is comfortable with?? Or, will she surprise us all and go for Levi?? She has already lived a more plain life than most other Englishers, according to her friends and family and had let her faith get away from her.

I love to here your thoughts, comments and will also try and answer all questions. What I would like to know from you is…. Feel free to answer one or all.

(1) Do you think you could live the Amish life for a full two-week period??

(2) Do you enjoy learning about different lifestyles than your own?

(3) Would you be interested in having an Amish pen-pal and writing back and forth, sharing your beliefs and ways with each other?

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'll have to add this to my "listening" list.

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