Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

*****Thursday Thoughts*****

I think today is going to be an absolutely amazingly wonderful day. I have finished one great book and am well on my way into another one (hopefully equally as great!)

I’ve found a few new good blogs to follow.

I’ve entered a few contests and even got news that I won one as well. I won a adorable little necklace from one of the many great Etsy shops out there, which I will certainly review and post about as soon as it arrives. Please support these Etsy shops, their products are mostly home-made and benefit one of our fellow bloggers.

I’ve written to someone who really inspired me this morning. I have a renewed sense to keep going, no matter what obstacles are placed in path. This someone is Kaye Dacus, an author who I have yet to read. (But not for long….Barnes & Noble is just around the Do check her page out, if you haven’t already. You may find yourself inspired as well. I found laughter and tears all in one breath, which just so happens to be one of my most favorite things. She can be found at

I enjoyed a few to many delicious cups of tea (if you couldn’t already tell by my random rambling…lol)

And…all of this was accomplished while the kids were asleep!! *Huge smiles*

AND NOW…it’s time for the day to get EVEN BETTER…everyone is up and at em. It’s a beautiful summer day outside and we are off to have some fun!!

To be continued….



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