Monday, July 26, 2010



I’m here today to try to get each and every one of you to take the “hang up and drive” pledge, as well as trying to talk each and every one of your loved ones to also take this pledge.

Each day we hear on the news or read in the papers, how someone was injured or killed because someone was using their cell phone while driving. All too often, it is the innocent who gets hurt, not the driver with the phone in hand.

You may have already heard of this popular pledge that many are already taking. Perhaps on Oprah, bless her heart!!! Watch Oprah's video here.....

It’s easy to take the pledge, just sign up and then make sure you live by your pledge!!! You can even get a cool little printout to proudly display and/or possibly use as a reminder to you and to others how dangerous texting/talking and driving at the same time can be.

Effective July 1, 2010 in the state of Michigan, drivers are prohibited from text messaging while driving. But seriously…even if you don’t reside in Michigan or never plan to visit our beautiful state, PLEASE take this pledge anyways. It could save a life…possibly yours!!

You can also go to to check your states’ law on this subject.

To date, 860 people have taken the pledge online, and 423 people have taken the pledge in person, by signing the paper. Will you be next??

PLEASE TAKE THIS PLEDGE, if it’s the only thing you do today!!! Well, besides telling others about it!!


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  1. That's a great pledge. Glad to read about it at your blog. I'll keep the Bounty Hunter in mind for my next movie.