Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm the featured blog on Stash Mama's 'Playdate Friday Follow' !! Woot Woot!!

 to Stash Mama!!

So, on Friday, yes last Friday, the 23rd of July, (I'm running a little behind!!) Stash Mama randomly picked my blog to be featured this week in their Playdates Friday Follow.

This is so cool. I entered lat week or the week before, and I found so many rockin' new blogs to follow and also my own blogs, "followers" status has nicely at least doubled in size. *LOTS OF SMILES*

SO A HUGE THANKS TO STASH MAMA is clearly in order here!!

If you haven't already checked her blog absolutely have to do so....SOON!

Stash Mama is one of my favorite giveaway and review sites. And she is also involved in a lot of fun ‘blog hopping’ activities…(such as the one that features my blog this week!)

Stash Mama has tons of giveaways and is very PR friendly. I love bloggers who like to read and receive comments and feedback on their work.

She has four current giveaways going right now that I could see. But HURRY, one of them ends TODAY!!

So…what are you waiting for??? Get on over their and enter some giveaways. While you are there be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or a feed of your choice. You can even sign up to subscribe to her blog via email and by all means….DO NOT forget to follow her on GFC!!

Thanks again for featuring me, Stash Mama!!


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