Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Photos

I’m a picture freak!! I am constantly taking pictures of the kids or of the pretty sites I see. But all too seldom, do I step in the picture myself when I have all the kids together at once (which happens less and less as the years go by!!)

In fact, I think we only have less than a handful of pictures with all of us together.

We’re an awfully good looking family, if I do say so myself….lol. Of course, I am just a little biased ;)

The older the kids get, the fewer chances that I find us all together. My 19 year old is off doing his tattoos, (both giving and receiving….at last count I think he had 8 or 9!) busy writing research papers for college, working full time, and spending time with his girlfriend.

My 17 year old daughter is always working; either at her day job or at a modeling photo shoot, or she’d top busy hanging out with her friends at the beach.

They both keep very busy schedules for their age, and I’m very proud of how hard they work, before they play!!!

My younger three: 14, 10 and 5...well they are around all the time, and I have tons and tons of wonderful pictures of the three of them doing everything you can imagine, but mostly…skateboarding!!!

From here on out, I am going to challenge myself to take a family picture or four, every single time the six of us are together!!

I always remember my mom before she died, wanting my sister, her and I to go to Walmart to have a family photo taken, nothing fancy...just us in our everyday clothes, but we just never made the time, we just never got around to it…and now…well, now it’s just too late. And that is what I don’t want to happen here. I don’t want to keep saying we are going to do it, I’m going to actually do it!!

I want to be in some of these pictures that I have all over the house, on every wall, on every table, on every shelf…all over the house I have pictures of the kids…and I’m hardly in any of them…in fact three of them to be exact. Well no more!!!

FAMILY PICTURES GALORE…that’s my new motto!!!

Do you have a favorite family or friend photo??? Paste it here if you like or send it to my email (, I’m thinking of making a collage for my blog…of my followers and their loved ones!!

Have a wonderful day!!

And….go take a picture of your loved ones!!!



  1. Gorgeous pictures! Your family is beautiful!

  2. U may have inspired me to work on my blog. Jocelyn is in 1st grade so I have extra time now. About the pics...I have tons of everyone but I am never in them either cause I am always doing the taking.

  3. Cool family intro! I did a lot of modeling when I was 17, too!

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