Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Weekend

It’s the little things….

Earlier as I was sitting under a shade tree, feeling the fresh mowed grass with my bare feet, reading a good book, and listening to my two youngest boys playing with other kids from our neighborhood at the small little park that everyone chipped in to have built on an empty lot…I realized that it really is the small things that matter so much.

- I was sitting there watching my five year old, make new friends and show off his amazing “Spider-man” capabilities and also how good he is at the monkey bars and I was just smiling away ;)

- I was able to enjoy the gorgeous blooming flower bush next to me, that each time the wind blew my way, put off a nice, refreshing scent.


- I was looking into the beautiful blue sky, and making pictures out of the clouds, like I use to do as a child. I saw animals, faces, etc…but most of all… I saw HOPE. Hope that my children will grow up and be able to enjoy the smaller things in life, and realize that it isn’t about how much money you have, who has the most toys, who has the biggest house, or the nicest car!!


It’s about the love we feel for each other and the little ways that we find to show it. You know, maybe by bringing home a hand-picked bouquet of flowers instead of buying a dozen roses…or making a nice hand-made gift with things you have around the house, instead of spending money at the store for something that everyone has. A handmade gift is unique and to me, and really more special than the store bought ones. To me, it’s like that person really took time to think of me, and to do something little for me….To me…that is HUGE!!!! To me that is LOVE!!

Remember to always take time for the little things… never know what you might be missing.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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  1. Hey husband has taught my girls to bring me home flowers all the time. Since we do landscaping for a living we are never in short supply at the green house. Puts a huge smile on my face everytime.