Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Tea and a Book Review..."Gunsmith's Gallantry"

Oh, how I love to just sit down with a nice hot cup of tea and a book. I could relax like this for hours...days, really :)

Book Review

“Gunsmith’s Gallantry”
By Susan Page Davis
Pt 2 in “Ladies’ Shooting Club” series

Now I must admit, that I NEVER read the back of the book first!! I think it tells to much and for me, it kind of ruins the story. I know they say never judge a book by its cover, but quite often, that is exactly what I do!! In the case of this book, I won it in a giveaway and to be truthful, I haven’t really read to many historical / inspirational fiction books. But after finishing this one…I’ll be reading MANY more J I must say that I was hooked right in the beginning of the book, and was completely glued to it half way in J

When I first picked this book up I had no idea it was a second in a series. I’m sure I would have liked to have read “The Sheriff's Surrender” first, but this book read perfectly fine as a stand alone title. I mean I didn’t feel that I was missing any information or wondering what might have happened in the first book to lead up to anything happening in this one, which was great on my part.

I believe that this book will appeal to readers of many different genres. Obviously since this book takes place in 1886, it appeals to the historical novel readers. This book also has quite a bit of romance, drama, suspense/mystery, inspiration and even some comedy here and there.

Enough of my babbling….. and on to the review already!! .

Susan does an absolutely wonderful job of having just enough characters in this book. She includes many people from the community that you get really familiar with throughout the book; just enough, so that you are never bored and/or only reading about one or two main characters. Yet, she also, doesn’t have too many characters so that you feel you are overloaded and keep track of who’s who.

I’ll start off by telling you a little about this “Ladies’ Shooting Club” that the women in the community have gotten together and formed. These women figure they want to be prepared at all times in case of any type of an emergency. They want to feel comfortable with the fact that they can help protect themselves, their family, their neighbors, and even their businesses should they find themselves under attack. These women strongly believe that this task shouldn’t only be left up to the men!! The club is made up of women from all walks of life. They have different attitudes, different personalities, and different professions and / or backgrounds. But this club not only betters their shot, it also helps these women to form some very special bonds with some of the other women, that most likely wouldn’t have happened if not for this club.

Once all the excitement starts happening ( I mean, when they start putting those guns to real use, not just going up against each other in shooting contests at the neighborhood get-togethers. ) The actual gun-fight scene was played out so realistically, it had me on the edge of my bed (feet curled up, teeth clenched, eyes squinting…lol) to see who and who wouldn’t be hit! Of course we all know that a gun fight between a bunch of no-good, criminal cowboys against the whole community is bound to end up with some fatalities…but I won’t ruin it for anyone…you’ll have to read it yourself to see who makes it out alive.

Stop by Susan's website and take a look at all the great stuff she has. And also check out her latest books to come out!!

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  1. Thanks, Stephanie! I had a great time writing this series. Readers will also enjoy The Sheriff's Surrender, where the Ladies' Shooting Club is first formed in reaction to a murder--which the men don't seem to be able to solve. And the third book comes out in November. In The Blacksmith's Bravery, saloon girl Vashti wants to drive a stagecoach. Griffin, the blacksmith, thinks that's ridiculous, which gives Vashti something to prove.