Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday.....

Today I’m going to do some of my thoughtful things online. Usually the kiddos and I go out and do random things for random people, often times they have no idea who helped them, and this is what makes us feel even better about it. We know we did it, and that’s all that matters!! We don’t feel the need to be acknowledged for every good deed that we do for someone. Sometimes I think it is the anonymousness that makes it even more fun!!!

So what prompted me to do my thoughtfulness online this time?? Another person’s blog post!! Recently her and her husband had to put money in the parking meter and when they parked they realized they still had an hour from someone else’s money on their meter, but the one next to them had expired, so the wife put the money in that one instead. This caused a little “talk…shall we call it” between her and her husband about whether or not this constituted a “good deed.”

Here’s her story…..

I completely side with was definitely a “good deed!!” So what if the owner of that car never knows who might have saved them from a parking ticket, but I bet they appreciate the thoughtfulness of that really nice anonymous stranger who was nice enough to help them out, JUST BECAUSE!!

Readers….what do you think?? Was this a good deed?? Let her know……

While you’re at it….become a new follower of hers, she’s good for at least a laugh a day :)


I’m also going to promote a couple of great giveaways that are going on right now at other peoples blogs…this not only shows you some great giveaways that you might not have known about and win you some great swagg, it might get these blogs some more followers, and it also might count as thoughtfulness on my part as well as get myself some extra entries in these same giveaway drawings…lol. You know, kill two birds and all


By now, most of you with children, and many without probably already know that Nanny McPhee is back in the much anticipated sequel “Nanny McPhee Returns.” In theaters August 20th, 2010.

In honor of this great movie event, Cakeblast is hosting a giveaway prize package which includes a youth t-shirt, a crayon wheel, a notebook, and a lunchbox.

This time around, Nanny McGhee (Emma Thompson) is helping a single mom (like me…lol) played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. (I just love Maggie. She is so talented. I own every movie she has ever been in…I think.) Anyways…I just know that the sequel is going to be as big of a hit as the first one was, if not bigger!!!

Ok, Ok…enough blabbing on my part…let me get to the only stuff you REALLY need to know.

Just stop by Cakeblast at  and enter to win this great prize package.

There are like (14???) chances to win……and three, yes three people will be lucky enough to win this prize package. What are you waiting for??? Get over to Cakeblast. Larry, the blog owner is great. I think you will really like his blog. Become a follower while you‘re at it!!…..RIGHT AFTER YOU FINISH READING MY WHOLE POST….lol.


Another great giveaway at another great blog.

Experimental Mommy from The Not-So-Blog is hosting a great giveaway from O Cedar.

The O Cedar Pro-mist Floor Cleaning System is wonderful for both wet and dry messes.

This product has a refillable bottle so that you can choose your own favorite cleaner or even just use water if you wish.

It also has reusable micro fiber pads that can survive up to 100 washes and a semi-disposable pad for spills that can either be washed for small spills or tossed for really messy spills.

One great thing I found about this giveaway is that you can have unlimited entries for tweeting about this giveaway…yes unlimited…as long as you have at least 50 followers on your twitter account.

Anyways…twitter or not…go enter….there are plenty of ways to enter.

Good luck!! I’m on my way to re-tweet right now…you can only imagine the messes my five children and I can make in a day :)



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  1. What a sweet post you did today! And thank you so much for spotlighting my good deed. I'm thrilled to be recognized!

    And I'm following you now :)