Monday, August 9, 2010

In my mailbox, a Peek-A-Book, and....A GIVEAWAY!!!

In my mailbox…. I don’t know about you, but I just love it when I open my mail and find a bunch of good swagg, and…NO bills, lol. Today, I received three packages, one letter from an old friend, and absolutely no bills! How much better can it get??

What I received:
(1) A t-shirt from
(2) An inspirational fiction book for myself (PEEK-A-Book!!!)
(3) A child’s board book from  (GIVEAWAY!!!)

(1) I received a ridiculously cool “Karma” t-shirt from that I had actually won from a giveaway on one of the many blogs I read daily.

I had won a $25 gift certificate and I was able to pick and choose the type of shirt (t-shirt, tank top, hoodie, etc) the color (too many to mention) and the design (again, way too many to mention.) After much deliberating back and forth…I finally decided on a black tank top with a teal blue Karma design with the word printed underneath the design. I absolutely love it. The tank-top is made of wonderful material, it is so soft and comfortable. And, even though I haven’t washed it yet, it looks as if the design isn’t going to peel right off in the washing machine. So, needless to say, I will definitely be returning to to design some more clothing for myself and others. And I most definitely recommend them to any of you looking for that “perfect shirt” that you can see in your head, but can’t find at the stores anywhere!!

(2)  I received a copy of “The Sister Wife” by Diane Noble. This is the first in the “Brides of Gabriel” series.

“The Sister Wife”
By Diane Noble

(A Peek-A-Book is just a little look at what I am currently reading!!)

Ok, about "The Sister Wife," I was completely hooked by the second page. And as many of you may know...I don’t give books much of a chance before I put them down…I only read the first chapter and if by then, it hasn’t caught me…I don’t finish it!! Sometimes, but not often, I well return to it later and give it a second chance, just in case I was in a weird mood the first time, and just didn’t realize it.

But as I said….I totally knew this book definitely was a keeper by page 2. I’m completely hooked and expect to have it finished by the end of the night ;) This is my first book about the Mormon’s way of life. I am very excited to learn as much as I can about them. I love to learn about new religions and see what the similarities and differences are in their beliefs compared to others.

So far I can tell that Mary Rose is being forced by the church to accept the fact that her husband is to marry another wife today. Mary Rose is contemplating running off instead of sticking around and being forced to share her husband with another woman….and just then…she goes into labor….

At this point…the book goes back to a year before to tell us how Mary Rose got herself into this type of predicament to begin with….talk about suspenseful…how can I be expected to put the book down before finishing it?? LOL.

Full review to follow SHORTLY!! *big smiles*

At least on nights like these, I have my wonderful daughter who is more than willing to make her wonderfully delicious Shepherds Pie for all of us to enjoy for dinner tonight., lol!

For those of you who are interested in buying this book...and EVERYONE's GREAT!!! Here are a couple of links where you can purchase this and other books by Diane Noble.

(3)  (GIVEAWAY!!!)

And, last but not least, I also received a copy “Alternative ABC’s” from  This is a cute little toddler board book to help the children learn their ABC’s. Now, this isn’t the typical ‘A is for apple,” learn your ABC’s children’s book. This one is more geared to the modern day…for instance, in this book, ‘D is for dude’ and ‘Y is for yoga.’ So, as you can see it’s definitely ‘alternative’ as the title promises.

Some of the other titles that Ammo offers are: ABC’s by Charley Harper; The Red Shoes by Gloria Fowler; and Lulu (a beautiful 11 x 14, 192 page book of art) by Lulu Kwiatkowski.. They also have many photography books, as well as some limited edition books that you might not want to miss out on, such as “Maybe Now I’ll Get the Respect I Deserve” by Wayne White.

Ammo was generous enough to also provide me with a copy of ‘Alternative ABC’s’ for one of my followers. I’m going to make the requirements to enter sort of ‘alternative’ like the title, lol. First of all you must follow me on GFC to enter. Now for the requirements and possible (if you want them) extra entries.

(1st) There are two parts to the first entry…both must be completed to qualify…and before any extra entries!! Tell me what your “A” would stand for. Example…”A is for anxiety…lol” This is my example, you must use your own…AND .tell me another book that interests you at that I haven’t already mentioned.

Extra entries

(1) Subscribe to my blog via email ---1 entry
(2) Follow me on twitter  ---1 entry
(3) Make a purchase at  ---5 entries!!!

Good luck!!

Have a wonderful day!!



  1. A is for Altruistic! I would love a copy of HUE by kelly Wearstler!

  2. I follow on GFC!

  3. I'm an email subscriber!