Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ok, Who's ready for 'Baby Week' ????

Baby Week is officially here. I have lots of great companies working with me to make this week really special. I have some really cool reviews and giveaways to offer my readers.


Now, I don't actually have a baby myself, but I am luck enough to have four baby girls in my life right now....
even if I don't get to see them as often as I'd like to.
Ok, I guess I should re-phrase that. Let's make it 3 baby girls and one 3 yr old sweetheart :)
To me, 3 is still a baby, and since this is my corner of the blogosphere,
what I say !! J/K
Lately, I've been really lonely for a baby's company!!
Do any of you without babies ever get that way??

The baby girls in my life.... *huge smiles*
Arabella and I
This is my best friend of all time, Marsha's gorgeous baby girl.

This is my brothers precious daughter, my niece!!
Jade, myself and Natalie
These are Jenna's beautiful girls.

I myself have five children, as many of you may know! Ages 5 to 19.
Here is me with my babies....

No more babies for me :( except for when others share theirs with me!!
But this is my gift to all of you mommies with babies...or perhaps nieces or nephews that are babies,
friends with babies, any which way.....there is a lot of baby swagg being given away this week :)

Don't miss all the great things 'Baby Week' has to offer. Make sure and stop back often!!

Here is a cute poem about babies....


Cleaning and cooking can wait 'till tomorrow
For babies grow up, as we've learned to our sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep,
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.

Ok, is anyone still reading this??
Cuz if so, here is what I want you to do...

Leave me a comment with your favorite baby poem.
It can be one you wrote yourself,
or just a favorite.
I will consider all the entries and choose
the one that I like the most.
whomever submitted that poem is going to win a cool surprise gift!!
So make sure and leave me your email :)


  1. I have 12 kids and 33 grandkids with two more due next year and I still miss babies! I live in a multi generational home with a one year old and I just love our one on one time. When her mother has errand to run, Meagan and I spend that time alone and it's so much fun. She cracks me up and I just love being with her. My oldest grandbaby will be 18 in January, and no matter how grown up he thinks he is, he is still Nana's baby and always will be. I am going to CA to pick up a few grandkids, and 1 nephew, for a weekend alone and I'm just tickled I'll be spending that time with them. I love my kids, but grandkids are the bomb! lol

    Rie McGaha...fantasy that keeps you up

  2. Hmm... a poem huh, those are right up my alley and I have a poem I wrote though years ago that comes to mind. And it goes a little something like this....

    Brandon Scott

    As one love combines with another a life is created.
    Growing in the womb full of love and happiness.
    A tiny miracle,
    Gods' greatest gift.
    A seed blossoming into and innocent rose...
    Unique in everyway.
    What could this world hold for you?
    Every intention, possibility and dream.
    Little one, all that you wish.

    Tense muscles...
    Your first breath of this world as it is now fresh, new and even scary.
    Your first cry echoing in our hearts.

    Tears fill our eyes.
    Joy comes now as your mother holds you for the first time.
    Home in her arms where you belong.
    And to think it seems like only yesterday...


  3. @Marsh...Oh how I remember that day! Brandon will love that poem, I had forgotten about it, thanks for posting. I'm going to print it up for him.

    that delivery was quite a bit better than the next one you were in on with me, eh?

    Love you,

  4. That is for sure, lol! I read it to brandon about a year ago, he liked it. :)