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'Uncertain Heart' by Andrea Boeshaar book review...

Uncertain Heart
by Andrea Boeshaar

First let me say that this review was due on Nov 3rd.
Second, let me say that I received it yesterday, Nov 6th. worries!! Good thing I love to read and am fairly fast at it :)

The Back Cover's Blurb:

The year is 1866, and Sarah McCabe has wanderlust. In an effort to become independent of her family back in Missouri, she accepts a governess position in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, giving her a firsthand taste of the life she has always desired—a life of luxury, culture, and social privilege.

Richard Navis is a man determined to finish his indentureship to Captain Brian Sinclair and take over his family’s farm. But when he falls in love with Sarah, his homesteading goals blur. She doesn’t seem interested in settling down. What’s more, Richard fears she’s fallen victim to the captain’s charm and persuasion.

When Sarah’s reputation is questioned, Richard devises a bold plan in hopes of protecting her. But is he too late? Has Sarah already made her choice?

Blurbs from me, myself and I:

I love the fact that this story is set in 1866. I love historical fiction. Even though I had never read the first book in this series, "Unwilling Warrior" I didn't feel at all lost. This is certainly acceptable to read as a stand alone title and not feel as if you are lost or missing something.

Ok, so about the book. Sarah McCabe is a girl who jumps quickly into your heart, she is just of womanhood age, she feeling those feelings, the feelings of crushing on someone, feelings of lust, the excitement of being noticed and/or appreciated by members of the opposite sex. She is very easy to relate with as you read this very fast-paced book. I literally couldn't put it down, and that wasn't because of my tight deadline. This book definitely had me turning pages all night long, so that I could see who she would choose. 

Yes, Sarah is faced with a choice. There are two men who trying to capture her heart, so to speak. The different ways they go about it, are what brings the excitement, the danger, the forbidden lusts, etc into the book. First, there is Captain Brian, Sarah's employer. She is the governess for his four children. She quickly takes a liking for these children and doesn't want anything to jeopardize her job. The Captain is a very wealthy, very charming man and can easily persuade others to do what he wants them to do.

But then there is Richard, who is also the Captains employee. He is the first person that Sarah meets after stepping off the bus to take on her new position as governess for the Captain. Richard is indentured to the Captain, but his real wish is to do what is required of him in order or him to end the indentureship and then take over his family farm.

As the story quickly unfolds, you will see that both men have their eyes on Sarah, and she notices this as well. She will need to choose between the two. It won't be an easy choice. It isn't as simple as just choosing the easier, wealthy life with the Captain, simply because of the money. Just when you think the rest of the story will be about her own personal struggle to make a decision between the two men...

 The story takes a few unexpected turns, which only adds to your already growing excitement and wonder. When things take a turn for the worse, and Sarah finds herself in a sort of situation that could easily ruin her reputation. If that were to happen, she would lose her job, lose her relationship with the four children she has came to so deeply care about.

You absolutely have to get yourself a copy of this book and find out what happens!! You won't believe the ending. And not only that,  you will most certainly find that you don't want the story to end.
Throughout this story, I laughed at times, and I even caught myself grabbing a tissue and wiping away a few tears here and there. This to me definitely signals an excellent book. 

Andrea Boeshaar

A little about the author:

Andrea  has published both fiction and non-fiction books. She is a public speaker and also
a certified Christian life coach. On her website she says,
"I am a firm believer that good decisions lead to happy endings. In a world filled with wounded hearts and broken lives, it's comforting to know there is hope -- and it's only a decision away."

I love that!! It's so true.

Now, if you don't already have your copy, hurry and go get one.
And while you're at it, but two. One for you and one for a friend.
Wouldn't it just make the perfect gift??

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