Saturday, November 6, 2010

'The Waiting' by Suzanne Woods Fisher review and giveaway...

The Waiting
by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Blurb from the back cover:

Jorie King's life is on hold. She has been waiting for Ben Zook to return to Lancaster County. Waiting for him to settle down and join the church. Waiting to marry him.

But when news arrives that Ben has been killed, Jorie is devastated. She finds unlikely comfort in the friendship of his brother Caleb. Friendship ripens into love, and two broken hearts plan for a life filled with the promise of a fresh beginning--until their worlds are turned upside down.

With her realistic characters whose weaknesses develop into strengths, Suzanne Woods Fisher offers a reading experience that rises above the others. You will love growing in spirit with these complex people living the simple life as The Waiting transports you into a world where things aren't as simple as they seem.

Blurbs from me

This book is actually part 2 in the 'Lancaster County Secrets' series. I haven't read part one yet and I didn't feel at all lost, so this book is also perfectly fine to read as a stand alone title. I love it when authors do that. I love to read the whole series in order, but sometimes it just doesn't happen that way, and in times like this, I like to feel as if the story it just a stand alone title and that I didnt' have to read the books before this one just to understand what is going on.

I absolutely love Amish books, and this one is just another reason why :)  Great book!! A definite must read for all of you who love Amish fiction. And to those of you who haven't yet read any Amish fiction, you just don't know what you are missing. You have to read this book!!!

Suzanne Woods Fisher
More blurbs from me:

This book sees Jorie through more than a few bumps in the road. All of her life she had loved Ben Zook, when he went away to be a CO in the war, she waited for him, even though she wasn't exactly sure that was the right thing to do. Ben wasn't exactly the type of man known to settle down and make decisions.

When she takes the teaching position, she is faced with many challenges. The students alone are probably the least of her worries. Some of the parents (those who had other people in mind for the teaching position) and those who are on the school board don't like the way that Jorie puts so much time into nature assignments and having the kids outdoors. They challenge her every opportunity they get.

Jorie finds herself really caring for Cal's two youngest, (one his, one his brother) Cal being voted the new preacher and his wife getting sick are only a couple of their worries. This story will see them through so much more, so many rough's a wonder every time they pull through after yet another horrible crisis.

You won't want to miss this wonderful, yet heart-wrenching book!!

And you don't  have to!!

Suzanne has offered one of my readers their very own copy :)

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  1. I would love to win, and I am a huge Amish Fiction fan;)
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  2. i have suzanne's first novel...the choice. excellent!!!

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  3. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your thumbs up for "The Waiting!" So glad you enjoyed the read. I appreciate the time you took to write up a thoughtful review. Warmly, Suzanne
    PS Next book, "The Search,"is out in a few weeks! Yahoo!

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