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'The Vigilante's Bride' by Yvonne Harris review....

 The Vigilante's Bride
by Yvonne Harris

This book is set in Montana Territory, 1884.
I would call this a Historical, Romantic Suspense novel :)

Back Cover Blurb:

Is her kidnapper the only man who can keep her safe?

Robbing a stagecoach on Christmas Eve and abducting a woman passenger is the last thing Luke Sullivan expected to do. He just wanted to reclaim the money stolen from his pa, but instead ends up rescuing a feisty copper-headed woman who was on her way to marry Sullivan's dangerous enemy.

Emily McCarthy doesn't take kindly to her so-called rescue. Still, she's hoping Providence will turn her situation for good, especially when it seems Luke Sullivan may just be the man of her dreams. But Luke has crossed a vicious man, a powerful rancher not used to losing, and Emily is the prize he's unwilling to sacrifice.

4 the Luv of SaNiTy's Blurbs:

Emily, originally a teacher who is down on her luck when it comes to a new teaching position, hastily accepts a mail-order-bride offer in the newspaper. On the way to her soon-to-be husband's ranch, her stagecoach is held up and robbed. At first she thinks it is only money to be taken, but then she finds herself being among the items being taken.

Luke Sullivan has decided to rob Axel's stagecoach to get back the money that Axel  owed to his Luke's father long ago because he cheated his father out of it. But when he sees Emily and realizes that she doesn't even know the kind of horrible man that Bart Axel is and what he is capable of, he at last minute decides to take Emily as well as the money.

Now, to say that Emily doesn't want to be rescued, or so Luke calls it, is an understatement. But after a few days at Luke and Molly's ranch, along with a chance meeting with the Mr. Bart Axel, whom she is suppose to marry, she realizes that perhaps she really might be right where she needs to be at the time.

Emily stands her ground over and over. She takes over running the ranch and school for Molly when it is needed, and she even teaches Molly new ways to save money. For example by telling her that they need to start making their own clothing, and especially that their current starch recipe is way too strong and actually ruining the clothes faster than they should be going through them.

Bart definitely isn't the type of man to just sit back and give up without a fight!
This action packed and dangerous story will keep you on the edge of your seat.
You will be turning page after page to see what happens next, and also to get a feel for all the
excitement and romance that this book holds as well.

And even though it's been out for awhile now....
there may still be a few of you who haven't yet had the pleasure of reading it.
You don't know what you are missing.


Ok. First things first. It's confession time.
I read this book back in August, 2010 when it first came out.
And then with moving into our new place, and all the packing and unpacking...
this book got lost in the piles that didn't get unpacked right away.
So, my apologies to the author and my readers for the late review!!

Second, I just love reading about the old days, especially when they were still having squabbles
over land and property. So, this only made the book that much better in my mind :)
And what's even better than that?? The whole mail-order-bride thing!!
It just gets me all riled up every time I even think about it. I mean just the whole idea of even marrying someone that you don't know, like being set up by your parents when you are young, but having to marry a man who has paid for you because you are desperate to survive?? 
How horrible.


Yvonne Harris
And now about the author:
(straight from her website)

Yvonne Harris earned a BS in Education from the University of Hartford and has taught throughout New England and the mid-Atlantic. Unofficially retired from teaching, she teaches writing at Burlington County College in southern New Jersey, where she resides. She is a winner and three-time finalist for the Golden Heart, once for The Vigilante's Bride, which is her debut novel.

Note: I was in no way compensated for this review. I won my review copy in a giveaway.
I always give my honest opinion and review.

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