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Dawn of Angels Book Tour

Title: The Dawn of Angles
Author: Vivieene Malynn & Sean Kade

Publisher: Sutherland Press (January 3, 2012)


Left by her mother at a young age, Kyra has grown-up in the foster system, leaving her angry and hateful towards the world. The only person she can trust is Hammond, her case worker who has watched over her since the time her mother left. When Hammond places Kyra in a foster home located in a small town, strange things begin happening and Kyra starts unraveling the mystery of her past. When Kyra’s life is threatened, she is saved by an angel, her guardian angel, Ashur, who falls from heaven to save her. Together, Ashur and Kyra must figure out why her life is in danger and stop a strange cult from bringing about the end of days. 


"I didn’t just fall from heaven to save your life…” Ashur pulls me in closer until my chest touches his. “…I came here because after all those years, I could not spend another moment of eternity knowing that you would not be there.”
He begins to sweep his head down toward mine. I know what’s coming and I can’t allow it. Turning away, I say, “I can’t.” My objection is not that I don’t love him, but that I can’t love him. He is an angel, I am a mortal. Two worlds that never have, and never will exist together. “You know as well as I do that this can never be. No matter how desperately we may want it. What will become of us?”
“I don’t know,” he says. “I don’t care.”
“Well, I do,” I say. “All this will end and you will have to go back. And I will be left here alone.”
“No,” I say, sternly. “It’s better this way.”
Our eyes meet and I look away, but his eyes do not retreat as if they are holding me in place, preventing me from leaving.

My review:

I absolutely loved this book. I must confess that this was my very first angel book, and I will definitely be reading more. Not only did the book keep me interested and guessing the whole time, but it also was very informative. I learned about the hierarchy of the Angels. And a whole lot more. It was almost like a little history lesson, which I loved.

The characters are very well thought out. Kyra is a wonderful girl. She is so independent and despite her troubled life, she still holds hope and has a really great head on her shoulders. She was put into the foster care system at 8 years of age, and even though she remembers her mother, she hates that she doesn't know the reasoning behind being placed. She is a very angry girl, and she has every right. Not only has she been in the foster care system but she has been sexually, mentally and possibly physically abused throughout her time in the foster care system. At the age of 17 she is given a lock box key from her caretaker. He tells her it is from her mother. She can't stop wondering what could be inside.... wait until you find out.

Asher is Kyra's guardian angel. She starts to notice someone watching her as soon as she arrives at her newest foster care home. As the story moves on, she actually falls in love with him. Can you imagine having your very own angel to watch over your every move and keep you safe?

Another prominent character in the story is Ethan. He is very worried about Kyra as well.
As Kyra gets to know all the townspeople she realized that some of them aren't what they seem to be. There is more going on here, and she needs to find out what.

This story bounces between reality and Kyra's dreams. But the dreams play a very important part in the story.  I don't want to give anything away because I just know you will want to rush out and get your own copy. This story is very fast paced and will keep you guessing.

About the Authors:  Vivienne Malynn and Sean Kade are the parents of five lively children and live in a rural suburb surrounded by eagles and coyotes. They spend their free time reading, writing, and playing make-believe with their children. In their not so free time, they teach.

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