Monday, March 5, 2012

Shirts That Go review ....

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About them:

Nick, the owner of was having trouble finding shirts with big vehicles on them for his own children. So he came up with the great idea to start a shop and sell shirts that he knew not only his kids would love, but also kids from everywhere!!!

"ShirtsThatGo was created 2 short years ago to make available to parents a great line of t-shirts that appeal to kids that love vehicles. The line currently has 15 designs, with plans to add new designs on a regular basis. Our t-shirt line is an attempt to capture amazing vehicles in motion with as much realism as possible. The idea is that the vehicles displayed on our t-shirts are similar to what the kids are seeing in the real world. The images capture them in motion, larger than life. These are vehicles that amaze and inspire our children. Some of us grown ups are pretty impressed too! "

"In addition to the great shirts we also have available full color shipping boxes to really wow the kids and toddlers. We want a package from ShirtsThatGo to be more than the fun t-shirt. We are creating a wonderful gift experience for the recipient that begins right at the mailbox."

My son just got the chance to review this awesome helicopter shirt.
He loves it, in fact he doesn't want to take it off.

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Here are some of the other great shirts that they offer:

Train T-Shirts       

Kids School Bus T-Shirts (Classic Yellow)

These adorable shirts are perfect for the child that loves big vehicles.

You can even order these great shirts for that special birthday person.
Now, wouldn't this just make the perfect gift.

fire truck birthday t-shirt

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