Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free ebook this Friday thru Saturday night...

 Vengeance Thwarted 

This weekend (starting tomorrow and ending Saturday night), 'Vengeance 
Thwarted', the first novel in Prue Phillipson's Restoration trilogy 'The 
Hordens of Horden Hall', will be available as a free download in the 
Amazon Kindle store.

Here is the book blurb:

What if the one you love is also the one you are sworn to kill?

Northumberland, 1640. Arabella 'Bel' Horden is a mischievous, 
pugnacious thirteen-year-old. The youngest daughter of a Northumbrian 
squire and magistrate, she is wracked by guilt after a careless haystack 
fire leads to the wrongful hanging of an English army deserter. Sent to 
boarding school in Yorkshire after another unbecoming act of 
disobedience, Bel blossoms into a beautiful and quick-witted young 
woman. Nathaniel 'Nat' Wilson is ill with fever when his twin brother, 
Daniel, is falsely accused and hung for the fire started by Bel. 
Accursed by his mother for the tragedy, he is reluctantly sworn to 
vengeance against the Horden family. A peace-loving boy, Nat temporarily 
escapes his mother's maddened demands through pursuit of his studies in 
Cambridge. Years after the violence that first juxtaposed their lives, 
Bel and Nat's paths finally cross when Nat arrives in Northumberland to 
discover what he can of the Horden family and their role in his 
brother's unfortunate death. As a second Scots invasion sends the land 
into chaos, will love triumph as vengeance is thwarted?

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