Saturday, March 10, 2012

Um! Brand review...

Ever wondered where to hang something?
Or even how to hang something?
Well...not no more. UM! Brand products are the prefect solution for almost anything you want hung.

From their website:


Ever had an "UM!" moment? Seemingly simple problems such as: "Um... Where do I put my oven mitts?" or "Um... How do I put this picture on my wall?" may often require much more complex solutions. The same "UM!" is also the first sound uttered before an epiphany: A sound that precedes genius ideas as our minds organize floating thoughts into coherent sentences. 
Here at UM! Brands, we strive to create a simple yet genius solution for each UM! moment, using our revolutionary material called EverSTIK™, which uses nano-suction technology instead of old fashioned glue and tape to adhere securely to any non-porous surfaces without leaving a mark.

Recently I had the chance to review two different product by UM!

I absolutely love them.
Who'd have thought that you could hang your cell phone or I-pod on the wall?

These are the two great products I was sent for review.

Black Stick Um!

Honeysuckle Clown Nose

About UM! Brand essentials...

                                               - Stick Um! Essentials
                                        - Sticks to any flat, non-porous surface
                                           - Just peel to remove
                                          - Re-usable
                                       - Doesn't leave a mark
                                    - If it gets dirty, just wash off with clean water

                             I would definitely recommend these products to you.

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