Saturday, September 25, 2010

2 FREE Multi-media books for all my followers....EVERYONE WINS!!!

That's didn't read that wrong! Everyone wins 2 FREE multi-media books :) You and your kids are absolutely going to love them!!

These books are designed especially for toddlers and children in early elementary school.
They can really help toddlers (ages 1 - 4) build their vocabulary.
These books have the most gorgeous illustrations (the kids will fall in love with them!)
The music and sound effects keep your child intrigued throughout the whole story.
And wait til they meet the characters.
Ben the Mouse, Fern the Fox, and Flame the Dragon, just to name a few!!
They say "practice makes perfect" and that's why these books let the child click on any word at any time and the narrator will repeat the word for them.
These stories can be read in auto-mode or manually. This is great because then the children are able to turn the pages at their own speed.
Once the story is complete, the children can answer questions and do activities to go along with the story.
The reader can also rate the story online, write a short review, and/or leave comments about the story.
And here is one of my favorite features...the children can upload their own artwork or crafts to the 'art gallery' and include their name, age, and even a picture of themselves :)
Now what child doesn't want to get online and see a picture of themselves and something they created themselves.
And best of all (at least in my opinion) they offer a kid-safe browser. Once the kid-safe browser opens, it will block the Internet so we (the parents) don't have to worry about unwanted or inappropriate pop-ups.
Now, I personally feel that once you and your children have enjoyed and experienced your 2 free books, that you will want more and more of these great books. And when you do...the prices are GREAT :)
One book for only $8
10 books for only $24
50 books for only $59
what I haven't mentioned yet....
They also offer personalized books for only $24.

Hurry up and tell you what you need to do to get your free books, right??

Well, that's the easy part.

(1) 'like' their facebook page.

Enter 4j9Cn3m8 as the code and fill out the brief form.

and finally...
(3)Please give this link and code to EVERYONE you know with young kids so they can
also take advantage of this great deal.

I personally hope that each and every one of my followers, that either has kids or knows kids will
take 'Story Time For Me' up on this amazing offer.
The love of reading is one of the most important things you can instill in a child.
(Again, this is my opinion!!)
And I firmly believe that the earlier you get them started, the better :)



  1. Thanks Steph! I am a follower.

  2. Thanks. I'm doing it right now.