Sunday, September 26, 2010

Book Review..."Oogy" by Larry Levin

'the dog only a family could love'

by Larry Levin

Oogy was close to death when found and taken to the Animal Hospital. He'd been a fight dog, or "bait dog" as they call him in the video. He'd been in a fight and then basically just left to die. (how heartless) As Larry and his twin boys take their very sick cat to the same animal hospital to have it put to sleep, their emotions and attitudes, needless to say aren't the greatest. As the hospital, as what you can only describe as a very ugly dog runs up to them and the boys and their Dads mood seems to start changing immediately for the better. I guess you would say that Oogy lifted their spirits because he was so happy to see the boys and their Dad.

Sitting here before them is a dog with only one ear and a very deformed face and jaw. But the looks of this dog don't even matter to the Levin family. They decide almost immediately (well, they have to talk their mom/wife into it first..AKA= beg, lol) They bring this dog home and show Oogy true love and how a real family takes care of each other, no matter what!!

Despite numerous surgeries, the boys growing up and a whole lot of messes...this family never loses their temper with Oogy. They continue to show him nothing but love so that he won't ever have to be reminded of his life before the Levins.

This love story sees the twins all the way through to their beginning of college.

This is a wonderful and very emotional read.
You won't want to miss this one!
In fact, you migth want to pre-order your copy at Amazon now.
I want to share an awesome video interview with the author, Larry Levin.
It provides a little more insight into the story behind the book!
In it Larry talks about first seeing Oogy, "he looked like he had melted...thought he'd been in a fire."
Don't miss the rest of what Larry has to say...
Check it out on You Tube.

Here is a picture of Oogy and the twins, Dan and Noah

Now a few of my own thoughts on this book.

I think that the special relationship that each family member shares with Oogy is amazingly sentimental. This book is very emotional and will most likely at some point bring you to the verge of crying.

It is a tender story of love and affection for a dog who is treated just as every other  member of the family is!

Oogy definitely proves that what is on the inside is what really matters. You can't judge people or animals solely by their looks. If you do, you are potentially loosing out on some really great relationships, friends and pets.

And finally, about the part where they say that Oogy is a dog only a family could love. I'm not so sure about this, although I do really like and appreciate the way the Levin's so graciously took Oogy in and treated him as one of their own.

On this matter, I think that Oogy could just have easily been taken in by a single person, perhaps a hurting person who needed to heal from some personal tragedy or something like that. They could have helped each other heal.....possibly.
Although, I definitely think in Oogy's case, there was no better family to take him in that the Levins.

This is one of the best true stories I have read in a really long time.

 For more information on Larry Levin the author, check out Good Reads.

Now...hurry out and grab your copy of "Oogy,' I just know you
will enjoy it as much as I did :)

Enjoy your reading  :)

Note: I received this book at no charge so that I could post a review of it on my blog
I want to thank Anna at Hachette Books for the opportunity :)

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