Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello everyone...

Hey there,

How's things??

So, I just wanted to quick update everyone...

The day after I let everyone know that Jakey was back.....

he ran again :(

I'm not going to keep on blogging about my missing son.

Hopefully this one will be the last one. 

I don't want this blog
to become some huge depressing blog.

I still plan to be back up and running as usual by

whenever I said?? Next Friday???

Or is it suppose to be tomorrow??

Let's go with tomorrow!!

 Because I am getting really,

really sick of just sitting around doing absolutely


I've been told, I'm just staring off into space quite a bit!!

And I myself know that I'm doing a whole lot of crying!!!

So...why not get back to blogging sooner instead of later!!!

See you all tomorrow with a regular post :)

Luv to all.


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