Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My apologies and also I'm asking a favor.....

I know, I know....you probably thought I quit my blog, eh???

Well I didn't...I'm just having a REALLY incredibly BAD MONTH!!!

First off, my 14 year old, Jacob
ran away this past Saturday afternoon...
and as many of you know, I have GAD
(Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and even
if I didn't....I'd have been going crazy since
that day!! It's been more than 72 hours :(
I am asking that all of you would pray for him,
send up love and light,
good thoughts,
all of those things I would very much appreciate!!


Now..if any of you are still waiting on things that you have won,
let me know...I have tried to slowly get things in the mail
that I was behind on....(a big thanks for being so understanding and waiting!!)
Since I don't have Internet at the house right now...
It's very slow going, 30 minutes at a time
at the local library....especially when I have over 14,000
emails in my inbox (and growing) and that's not my junk mail :(

With that....I'm off to do some mose searching
for my son!!

Love to all!


  1. I pray he's home safe and sound soon and everything works out.

  2. Sending you all hugs & prayers that he is home safe, soon. From GAD momma to another:)

  3. Oh my. Huge hugs and many prayers for your family. Hang in there and take it one day at a time. Oh to be a parent....If you need anything let me know. Anything really.


  4. Oh no, I am SO sorry. My prayers are with your family.

  5. So Sorry Steph. Will be saying prayers and sending happy thoughts your way.

  6. you are in my prayer as is he i hope he returns safely hugs

  7. Will do you and he are in my prayers and please dear God help this boy find his way back to his mother and home!

  8. Dear Steph,

    I am praying for your son. Stay calm. He'll come to you. I can tell. He will return. Take care of yourself.

  9. I'm sorry to hear this. I hope you find your son soon.. :(

  10. I'm so sorry about your son. I'll be sending powerful thoughts and prayers for his safe return. Hang in there.