Saturday, March 12, 2011

Music and healing....

OK, so I'm not really an avid movie watcher...truth is I usually fall asleep half way in!
But the cover got me, and since like I explained in an earlier post,
I had been sort of having a hard time reading.
I am happy to say that is no longer the case.
I am more than 2/3rds of the way through my second book since yesterday's 'Lift' :)

OK, so back to the real point of this blog....
I rented and watched
"The Guitar"
with Saffron Burrows playing the lead.

The Guitar

Directed by Amy Redford - Starring Saffron Burrows, Isaach de Bankolé, Paz de la Huerta
Starz/Anchor Bay - Rated R - 93 min - Psychological Drama - Region: 1 (USA & territories, Canada)

What the cover says:
A doomed woman discovers her creative spirit during a final fling with life in this independent drama. Melody Wilder (Saffron Burrows) is already having a bad day when she visits her doctor about a troubling lump in her throat -- her boyfriend has left her, and she's lost her job. However, this news pales in comparison to what her doctor (Janeane Garofalo) has to say: the lump is an inoperable cancer, and Melody has only a short time to live. Throwing caution to the wind, Melody rents a huge, luxurious apartment and furnishes it in high style, putting her purchases on a handful of credit cards she won't be around to pay off.

What I say:
So, wow....she finds out she has throat cancer, it can't be cured, it can't be operated on, she has very little time to live!! And basically no-one that she is close to has the time of day to listen to her, they are all to caught up in their own life dream world (whatever you want to call it...I call it pathetic!!!) Loved ones and friends should ALWAYS make or find the time to listen to someone who is obviously going out of their way to tell them something important--which is apparent on Melody's (Saffrons's) face and in her voice.

There is so much raw emotion in this movie.
What a powerful movie.
This is one you most certainly won't soon forget.
Melody (Mel) takes what's left of her life as the Dr. has told her --two months--
and lives out all her dreams since
childhood, the biggest being the guitar.
You absolutely have to watch her transformation!!

This was a wonderful least in my opinion :)
And even though it isn't a brand new movie that is just out on DVD
or anything like definitely should watch it
if you get the chance :)

I think in a way, a really big way,
Mel let the guitar and music help her
a lot! She had been hurting since she was a child.
Her music helped all of those hurts and others
to heal :)


Music and healing....

I think that music can help in many different kinds of situations.
I also believe that it can help heal many hurts as it did in the movie mentioned above.

No matter what kind of music it is!

When I'm in different moods, I listen to different types of music--how about you??

When I am mad, I listen to more fast, heavy metal type music.
And that is when I sometimes go into my power-cleaning mode.
(For those of you who know me personally, you know I don't
like to go into that mode very often, lol !)

When I am upbeat and happy, that is when I love to listen to a real variety
of music. I like anything from punk, 80's, 90s, rock, country, inspirational,
jazz, metal, 70s' some rap like Eminem, even Glen Miller Band and especially
the Herman's Hermits!! 'Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good!'

So, tell me, do you let music take you
away when you are hurting?


Does it ever have a healing effect on you??



  1. Music is one thing that I need to get by for sure!! I have always said,"Music Saves!" and I been thinking it'd be cool to open something where people who need art and music healing, they can come paint, and listen to what they like and everyone can talk,etc if they want... It's just some of my first thoughts about it but it's different than anything I've seen. Music is so unique because we all have our own thoughts/experiences that we can relate it to, so everyone uses it for reasons unique to themselves. I am the same you are Steph with music. :) I like a lot of everything, depending on how I'm feeling. Thanks for writing on this. :) Keep up the awesome blogging! Luv ya... Halo

  2. Thanx for the push Halo. I know I've been out of if for awhile and I'm slowly finding my way back. Music has been big help.

    ((HUGS)) & LUV