Sunday, March 20, 2011

On kids...and what I'm willing to go through for mine....

I have probably earned the following....
and, I'll even tell you why,
BUT...I am more than willing to make up for it!!
Brownies...maybe :)

OK, so here it is Sunday the 20th. And my Brandon's birthday was on the 13th.
One of his presents was a coupon/voucher....basically the promise to get him a new
bike just as soon as we could get a ride into town to Walmart or Meijers!!
Many of you may remember that I have been without a vehicle for almost a year now.
Well, needless to say, this person and that person, and well, just about EVERY PERSON
we know and don't know (as nice as the offer was) has offered us a ride to go buy Brandon
his new birthday bike, except that NO-ONE has shown up yet.

Each and every day since Brandon's birthday, a week ago....
he walks in the house after school, drops his back-pack, and I can just tell that he is trying
just as hard as any eleven year old can be expected to try for his Mom....
(But I can see that behind that good sport, his big brown eyes are so disappointed!!)
It makes me just want to cry! But he doesn't, so neither do I.

That's why I have decided that tomorrow while he is at school, that I am going to
take the pay-per-ride bus into town to Meijer (because it is closer!!)
I am going to buy him the nicest darn bike they have,
and then I am going to peddle my little,  I mean not so little, big butt the whole
eight mile home myself and just hope that I can still walk on Tuesday.

Now of course with all my diagnoses and all that, I know this is a big risk...
but....I can not stand to see that look on my son's face one more time,
and I think it might just break my heart for good.

I truly think that someones heart can only be broke so many times before
it truly cannot be mended--at least properly--again :)

So, everyone...please wish me well on my bike ride tomorrow!!

And by all means, hope that I can still walk on Tuesday,
well let's be realistic here, let's hope that I'll be back up and walking,
by say Thursday or Friday :)

Oh the things we do for our kids...

But then there really isn't much that I wouldn't do for any of them...
even if it did mean I would NEVER walk again


 And....I truly love all of you.



  1. Isn't there a bus that lets you put a bike on it? They have them all over here in the south. That would be perfect!

  2. And how does this make you a bad mother? You're willing to pedal 8 miles just to see a smile on your kid's face. That award should say Mother of the Year because I would just bake my son a cake or something until a knight in a white SUV showed up to trek my ass to Wally World.