Friday, March 11, 2011

'Lift' by Kelly review....

As most of you know I absolutely love reading, and lately I have been having a really hard time focusing on the words in the books. But with my promise of returning to blogging, I also promised to returned to my biggest love  (other than my children) and that is READING!! So yesterday at the library I picked up a copy of "Lift" and told myself I was absolutely going to make myself read it no matter what....only when I opened the cover and started to sift through the pages to get to the opening words did I realize that I'd obviously had some help from above when choosing this story as my first book to read as my come back to reading story. Enough of my babbling...

Here is my review....

Kelly Corrigan

In Lift, Kelly writes an absolutely intense love letter to her two precious daughters, Claire and Georgia. Since Kelly has breast cancer, she wants to write this book, sort of as a book or memories for her daughters. I would say that the biggest thing she stresses throughout the book is that she makes sure that her daughters both know that the one thing she always wanted the most was kids!!! She always wanted them!!! This story isn't for someone who expects to keep dry eyes the whole time that's for sure!!

Kelly at one point talks about parenting and is so right when she says how we so easily get caught up checking our email or out cell phones while listening to our child's story about how their day went, or we tell them to just go watch a movie. Or perhaps we may just get a little bit too mad over some spilled milk, an un-flushed toilet, or a lost toy, etc...perhaps just yelling at the kids because they are arguing with each other. Maybe it isn't always that big of a deal as what we make out of it....I for one am guilty here!! And I am the first one to admit it. But I am going to try my hardest to work on it, because sometimes it's too late, too soon!!

Now obviously at just over 80 pages, I don't want to give the whole book away, but I do want to touch on just a couple of things. Kelly's cousin, Kathy sounds like such a  smart and wonderful person, just the type of character that anyone of us would just love to happen across someday. She says that "when the big stuff happens, we're always looking in the other direction." and "it takes ten years to learn your spouse." Now isn't that just the truth???

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