Monday, January 24, 2011

Are you curious as to what it is that brings back good memories for me???

Perfect, because you're about to find out...
and also this is a really cool meme,
I hope you'll join.

Meet Curious Cat!!
You can find Curious Cat at 'Curious as a Cat' blog!!

Every Monday, a new set of four (4) questions are posted there,
and all you have to do is answer them,
either on your blog and leave Curious a link or answer them 
right there on Curious' page :)
Oh and wait, the best part is, you don't have to answer them on Monday,
you know just in case you're feeling lazy, or sick, or something
comes LIFE!!!

Here are my answers:


1) Look around you: list the first 5 things you see that bring back good memories.

1-The picture hanging on my wall of my ten year old son, Brandon,
with a professional skateboarder, when he had just won the
whole skate competition. People had came from different
cities, and even a couple from out of state to participate, and my
son took home the GOLD!! (a bunch of skating stuff, money, and...
I even got an autographed hat and shirt for myself!! )

2-My family portrait. Since I am twice divorced and have five kiddos,
sometimes it makes it hard on the holidays and family photos!
However, I managed to get a picture of all five of us together at the
same time. I have accomplished this only twice :)

3-The headphones by my computer. Earlier today I was introduced to a
wonderful and very inspiring man named Sean Stephenson. I was
singing and laughing and dancing away with him earlier. He was via
video of course. If you haven't heard of him, look him up, and 
especially look up and watch the 'Dance Party' or read all about
him and see the video on my other blog here.

4-The dead fall tree branches with orange and red shriveled up, dead
 leaves because I just don't want to take them down YET!! The kiddos
and I had a great time choosing the perfect branch for the perfect
 hook to go in the perfect corner in our house. I even have one in 
my bedroom :)

5-The biggest free full wall in my family/living room is called 
'Nate's Wall of Fame.' Nathan is my five year old. The complete
wall is covered with his art work. He just keeps on adding to it.
Whenever I need a smile because I'm feeling down, all I need
to do is walk on over to the 'Wall of Fame' and I'm 
guaranteed a smile :)

2) Create a super-pet by combining any three animals.

This one wasn't easy!! First of all, I have too many kiddos to even
consider a pet. But, since it's a SUPER-PET, I'm going with these three:
-a kitten or cat (fluffy and cuddly)
-a black or chocolate lab (trainable, good with kids)
-a chimpanzee (very cute, and so smart!!)
 They say that chimps are even smarter than humans, so I'm hoping that
my super-pet is going to cuddle with me when I'm feeling down or lonely,
run around the yard and play with the kids and fetch the daily paper,
AND...perhaps since it's going to be SO SMART, it is going to take over
MOM'S chores (dishes and laundry!!)

3) How do you respond when someone says something unexpectedly kind to you? 

I think perhaps that I am at first shy and humble, but I always smile and
say thank you. However, I think that I might self-consciously look as if I'm
somehow undeserving of their compliment. (This I realize, I have got to
stop!! I know that I am deserving of a compliment!!) And also, after I've
been given an unexpected compliment of some kind words...
it puts a big smile on my face for the rest of the day, 
or at least, most of it :)

4) Show and TellWhat comes to mind first when you see this picture?
 Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

Ha!! When I see this picture, it reminds me of my 5 year old, Nathan and
how he just loves to count money. ANYONES money :) He always wants
to get in my purse (but he knows only if I say yes!!) and get out all the money,
coins and all. And I'll tell you what...he knows the difference between a
$1 bill and a $20 bill. If I give him just my ones, he is pretty disappointed.
But I know that it is really good practice, and he's getting so good at it!!
Recently I won a toy cash register with play money and a working scale
from a blog giveaway, he was and still is thrilled with it!! 
Now we have to buy and pay for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING :)
But I don't mind a bit !!


OK, so that is Meme #1 for me today!!
And, I hope you don't mind, but there will be more!!
I actually really like them.
I really really like them!!

One last really need to hop in on this one!!
Aren't you curious as to what other people might answer??
I'm certainly curious as to what your answers
will be...

I think it is fun to challenge myself with the questions!!
I like reading the others' answers. 
I like to learn about others, and get to know something about
the people whose blogs I read everyday...
I mean a little bit more than what they talk about
in their blogs (usually!!)

OK, that's enough this time around.

Have a wonderful Monday!!!!



  1. thanks for this a real way to help with writer block

  2. You are so deserving of a compliment! I love the wall of art idea. :)

  3. Love the Wall of Fame idea. But my kids are too old for that BS, so I better not see any "artwork" on my walls! When my oldest son was younger, I let him write away on the walls to get it out of his system. My house was a freaking mess, but he was happy.