Saturday, January 8, 2011

'Getting To Happy' book review

Getting To Happy
By Terry McMillan

'Getting To Happy' is the sequel to 1992 best-selling book 'Waiting To Exhale.'
Now, if you haven't read 'Waiting to Exhale' or seen the movie, don't worry!!
'Getting To Happy' is perfectly readable as a stand alone title.
You won't at all fell lost, and you don't have to know anything from the first book
in order to read this one.....and you DEFINITELY HAVE to read this one!!

For those of you who have read the first book,
 I want to start out where the author the 'authors note,' 
Terry says, "Sorry to say, but after all these women left that campfire on
New Year's Eve 1990, ...they found out that apparently exhaling is a relative state that
is difficult to sustain....Fifteen years later, a good bottle of vintage wine - when aging is
savored because it usually enhances the flavor -"...their story continues.

OK, so now then...

This is my review!!

This story has four main characters.
Savannah, Bernadine, Robin, and Gloria. They are the best of family and friends.
This story sees each of them through good times and bad, through smiles and frowns,
through tears of joy, unhappiness, and every kind in between. You will witness their
everyday stresses, their secret hurts, basically you will witness just about every
emotion known to man while reading this book!!
 Perhaps that's what makes it so realistic!!

Savannah -- As the story begins we find her married to Issac and working a very good
job. Let's say she's not hurting for anything. But is she happy?? Savannah reminds me of 
someone who always wants to argue with someone, even if it's only kidding.
 She always wants to have the last word. 

Bernadine -- We find out that six years ago she found out her then-husband was also
married to another woman at the same time.  Since having the marriage annulled, she
has become addicted to Xanax and sleeping pills. She is generally depressed.
Her adult son is a married with children police officer, and her daughter, 
she soon discovers is a lesbian.

Robin -- Let's see, she is the V.P. of the very successful corporation for which she works.
She has a daughter named Sparrow, who has yet to meet her father, and who still
talks to her mom about EVERYTHING!! Sparrow thinks her mom should start
online dating because she is sick of seeing her mom single.

Gloria --We find her happily married to Marvin for 14 years. In fact, the book opens on
their anniversary. They have the loveliest little ongoing thing they do each year. It's a really
beautiful idea, but, I won't spoil it!! Gloria also owns her own very nice and successful salon.


Ok, so now that we know a little bit about how each of the ladies are sitting
when the book starts out... I want to mention a couple of wonderful things that 
they do on a regular basis.

*** They make three-way calls, and since there are four of them, 
one of them calls the fourth person and puts her on speaker phone!!

*** They have movie night, well they call it Blockbuster night, actually.
It takes forever for them to actually get to the movie,
because you know girlfriends and gossip :)

*** And last, I love the way they all go to these dances that help
benefit this and that, and every time they all get out there and do 
the Electric Slide even though they say they don't like it !!, this isn't something regular, but I loved that they all gave to 
Katrina so willingly in any way that they could!!


With that...I feel that I can't say much more 
without ruining the book for you!!

Like I said before, this in my opinion is a definite must read!!

Terry McMillan has once again done a wonderful job!!



  1. I was disappointed that after all that waiting around to exhale, none of them had gotten to happy, yet. Then when they pulled up really close to happy, it sped off and left their asses in the dust.