Sunday, January 23, 2011

An easy way to earn free & awesome gear (Nanos & iPads, etc...)....

Ok so here's the deal.....

Want to win a Mac Book Air, an iPad, an iPad Nano, or a Cloth Logic jacket or lip gloss by just referring others????

Oh and a free $10 just for signing up....

I thought so!!
This is all you have to do:
So quick , so easy....

Here are the details:

   1. Join NoMoreRack (

 2. You will automatically see your "P1070" and your FREE $10 credit is already 
added and ready to go!!...Yes you get a free $10 credit even if you don't do any
thing else after this...but why not at least get 15 referrals and get a free prize???
Right?? RIGHT!!!!

   3. Click on the "Invite Friends" link at the top of the page.

4. Use the easy click buttons to share your referral code with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

5. When you get at least 15 referrals, you can go over to the FriendRack page to order your prize 
(you don't have to wait until the promo is over, how cool is that??).

Sounds pretty easy to score some pretty sweet stuff 
for nothing but a few clicks, eh??
So, what are you waiting for??? Hurry up and join!!!

 Join NoMoreRack 

I'm shooting for the iPad, how about you??


  1. Hmm.. might have to look into this.. I could use a new gadget!!!

  2. Did you ever pop over to my blog and collect your Stylish Award? I'll get you the link! I don't see it here and your blog is for sure one that is very STYLISH!


    The above is the link to your Stylish Award! will look fantastic on your blog! Enjoy!