Saturday, January 15, 2011

I hope you will join me starting Monday.....

It's another sleepless night!!
Well actually I can't really say that and mean it!!
This time, it is completely my own fault :)

Actually I'm rather enjoying how quiet it is out here alone.
My youngest is with my daughter for the night,
and all the rest of the kiddos are sleeping.
 Oh, isn't that when they are just so darn precious??
It almost makes me want to go jump on their beds and wake them all up!!
Nah, on second thought.......
*smiles and laughs*

So, I napped on and off all day!
Since the kids were gone and I had no responsibilities,
well besides that appointment I skipped, but we won't talk about that :)

Anyways, I'm about to relax in a hot bath and
catch up on a little reading.
Can you believe it??? 
It's been 26 hours since I've last read a book!!!
I might be setting a new personal record :(

But before I sign off for the night,
and you all wake up to start your days, lol...
I want to share a new meme I've found with all of you.
It looks so interesting.
I am definitely going to give it my best shot
starting this coming Monday.
I hope that many of you will join me :)

Complete list of rules can be found here.

I took this part from the rules just to give you an idea of what it's all about!!!

"The Rules are Loose. I throw you a word at the beginning of the week (Monday), and you take up the challenge to write exactly 100 words in response to the one-word prompt.  That’s it.  Write 100 words however you like.  Make it a long haiku, write 100 random words that you associate with the prompt in no particular order, write a short vignette, tell a true story, relate it to your day, describe the word, use the word or imply the word — it’s up to you! The challenge closes on Sunday at midnight (wherever you are)."

So, I hope you'll all look into it and join me!!
Enjoy your Saturday everyone,
I have a feeling I will be sleeping most of mine away :)



  1. love this i'm in but do we have to post it on monday or can we have a few days to put it together before posting

  2. Hey Becca, the final post doesn't have to be turned in until Sunday. The full list of rules can be found be found up top.

  3. This sounds fun! You sound happy! Cheers and hope your weekend stays beautiful! :)