Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On the millions I'm given or win in my email every single day....

OK, So I may have never told you this before, but it's only because I knew then that you wouldn't read my blog for me, you'd read it because I'm rich, lol.
Yes, it's true....I win millions, sometimes even billions every single day in my email!!
It gets so annoying even seeing them, and sometimes the address or name 
almost looks as if it's someone that I actually know, so I go ahead and open it
 up to find that yes, once again I have one the British lottery that I never played
 or that some dying person wants to give me her whole life savings if I will just
 send her a certified check for $8000.

What's sad, is that so many unsuspecting people actually are fooled into doing 
just that. They believe that they really are the last in the family line and that the whole 
family fortune, or whatever line of you-know-what they are feeding you that day, etc. etc. You hear about it on the news all the time. People loosing their whole life savings 
or actually taking out loans and going into debt to send this cashiers check or whatever
 is requested of them and then it's all just a hoax.

It makes me so irate that they are even able to get away with it. I mean they have every other kind of police, come on they have Facebook police, why don't they have 
email police to catch these scammers???

Well I guess at least if the real police aren't going to do anything about it...
at least I faith that they have it coming back in KARMA!!!

This is one of the latest letters that I received.... I felt the need (not sure why) to play along...so far I haven't gotten a return response, and I kind of doubt I ever will :)


From: achsssa@aol.com
To: soklad@hotmail.com
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 22:08:20 +0000

My Dear Friend,
My name is susan bacher, who is diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. To cut the long story short, I have few hours left to live, depending on my surgery which will take place soon. Although I am rich, but it doesn’t matter anymore.
I want God to be merciful to me and accept my soul and so with that reason I decided to give what I have to charity and I never had children. I want this to be one of the last good deed on earth. I now give you the authority to dispatch my last funds to any charity of your choice.  (Me: She doesn't know me, so she just typed a random 
email address into the computer and it just so happened to go through?? Yeah right!!)

I have Seven million dollars in a financial institution. I want you to keep fifty percent of this amount for yourself and time, while you keep the other fifty percent to any charity of your choice.  (Me: Maybe she means while I give the other to charity????) May God be with you as you carry out this task.I believe with this,   Me: with???

I can now be free to depart peacefully. You can then contact my lawyer who will assist you in getting the funds to you when I pass. He would give you more details. His name is Lawrence Adams, and his email address
( lawaadamss@aol.co.uk ) He would guide you through receiving the funds. 

Lot of Love
susan Bacher


This is the response I emailed back:

From: soklad@hotmail.com

To: achsssa@aol.com


Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 23:38:14 -0600

Oh Susan,

I too have many, many diagnoses that I will soon die from. I am so glad that you lived your life rich while I lived mine fair to recently poor.
I wonder perhaps if you must have been one of those HORRIBLE, Crude, Stingy, etc, etc, rich people...you know the type, the type that have no friends or family that will talk to them anymore?? Because money was so important to you, that you put it above and before all else, including the most important things,
your loved ones.

I may be broke, but I have friends and family that I speak with everyday. I guess I am what you call "HAPPILY BROKE" :)

Here is my suggestion to you:

1.  Have your lawyer divide half of your funds up evenly ten ways.  

2. Now take half of those divided amounts and go to a Womens domestic violence shelter and randomly give them to five women with children to start a whole new life in a new 
     state far, far from their abuser.

3. Now take the other half of the funds and go to a regular homeless shelter, and find five random men that have     families, now give them each a share so that they may start a 
     new life and be able to have a home for their children to grow up in, and food on the table for.

and finally if you really want to give to a charity...

4. Have your lawyer give the other half of your money to Cancer research, possibly one targeted specifically at esophageal cancer!!

Now, I never assume, but I have a really good feeling that you are a scam artist just like the other 100 or so that I get letters like this in my email from every single day.
If that is true....get a life, please quit trying to rip off unsuspecting people so that you may gain and then laugh because they felt sorry for you!!

And if you aren't a scam artist, I certainly hope you give my ideas some serious thought, before it's too late, you said you had few hours left to live, and I'm responding in two. 

PLEASE rethink your actions, before it's too late!!

Your Dear Friend
(that would be me her dearest friend but she doesn't know my name!!)


You know it isn't as if I think this person is for real or anything!!
But I wish that some of the people that were really in this position,
those who have burned all their bridges, so to speak, and for some reason 
feel that they cannot ask for forgiveness...
I wish that they would think of things like the ones I did to do with their money....
you know, instead of it just going to waste, like so much of it does.
It just goes unclaimed and the who?? The Government or some other organization
like that takes it over after so long if it isn't claimed???

So anyways, for those of you who haven't yet seen these types of scams.....
Definitely do not send out any money, especially via Western Union, Money Gram, or Certified Check

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. What a hysterical post... I know it is a serious subject especially as people fall for the scams everyday... But, we do need to see it for what it is.
    Stopping by/commenting back from your visit to my blog - Positive Kismet...Thank you!
    I'm now a follower of your blog.
    Have an abundant 2011!

  2. great post and i too win millions via my emails wow who knew

  3. came here to visit...thanks for joining my giveaway...have followed your blog!

  4. You've got immense patience. I am a little surprised. :) Cheers to you! I hope it creates the difference I imagined.

  5. great post!
    i usually don't reply to spammers because if I did, they'd know that I am actively using my email address, the one they have used to contact me.
    i have read somewhere that spammers scout the internet for email addresses, and they uses them blindly, not really knowing if the email address is valid. if you reply, they'd know that it's valid and active.

  6. Also received this letter - however the writer (if one should call them that despite their incredibly poor English) altered their name to Jennifer Moorey. I am so tired of this type of junk e-mail. Does anyone actually fall victim to such a pathetic attempt to claim a donation?

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