Sunday, January 9, 2011

Want to know what inspires me??

Basically, all of the things you will find in the pictures of this post, inspire me!
But most of all...

 I think that at some point or another, everyone needs a little encouragement.
I also think that if you REALLY take a good look around you
at all those that you run into within a days time,
you will find someone who could REALLY use your encouragement.
(perhaps, you don't even know them....YET!!!)
Better yet!!
What's better than meeting new people??
It's the potential for a wonderful new friendship!!

 I TRULY feel that right now there is someone out there that needs you, needs some
Before you get all freaked out and think..."But I have no more to give!!"
I'm not asking for much!!
And neither are they!! Chances are that person doesn't even know they need you yet!!!
And, I think that once you figure out who it is...
you will have a blast finding little things
you can do to inspire them!
It doesn't take much!.
Sometimes just a smile goes a long way!!

Ok, so let's see. Let's say you have figured our who you are going to inspire.
Perhaps you will use your words??

Perhaps you want to leave them a bunch of little notes for them to find
here and there, throughout the day....

 Now, considering this is someone you know...
Let's say they've been trying so hard to get a job for two months,
and FINALLY McDonald's called, and they took the job, 
but they aren't feeling the best about themselves because after all they
are just flipping burgers, right?  WRONG!!!

I worked my way up at Burger King when I only had three almost four children,
and first became single...I became one notch down from the top manager and I was
making REALLY GOOD money!! I was PROUD to say I worked at Burger King and
that I didn't need any help from anyone to support my three almost four children.
I even bought my first house.  Ok, enough about me, back to the
encouragement about something like this??

These could work in just about any occasion, don't you think??

if you know the person, 
or, heck even if you don't....
Here is one of my favorite ideas.
How about...

We all know the power that a simple touch can have.
We've all heard of the

So why not try it out on who you're inspiring today??
If you're still a little leery on this one...
Especially if you are inspiring a stranger, let me share a few things with you.


* touch alleviates alone-ness and can make you feel connected
* touch relieves tension and helps you relax
* touch can help relieve pain, or alter the perception of it
* touch can help manage stress
* touch brings you a sense of well being

(And no...I didn't make this up just to get you to encourage someone who is hurting!!)
I got it from Pfizer.


 Perhaps you just want to sit down with this person and talk awhile.
Take your time to really get to know them.
Ask them questions about themselves.
And then be sure to really

There is nothing worse (to me anyways) 
than when someone acts all interested in me and asks me
something about myself or my interests, and then doesn't even have
enough respect to REALLY listen to my answer.'
I don't mean just half listen, while they are texting or reading the paper...

Maybe while you are talking with them, you will discover
some other ways you can help them.
Perhaps they have some questions that you can answer... 

 We all know knowledge is power.
And if we can inspire and encourage someone
at the same time as giving them some knowledge that they didn't already have...
All the better!!

Ok, I'm almost done here,
But I just though of another easy ice-breaker 
if you don't already know the person who you decide to inspire!!

Music is always an easy subject to bring up.
Perhaps you can suggest some songs that they can listen to that might help them
get through whatever it is they are going through.
Perhaps that song might be
"FIREWORK" by Katy Perry

And perhaps it will be something much, much different.
Either way, I think that music can be very
inspiring and encouraging!!
(I do hope that if you haven't already heard this song...
that you will at least take the time to listen to and
read the lyrics to it...thanx)
Ok, so that's enough from me for now.
to all of my wonderful followers :)
I appreciate all of you more than you know!!
And I just wanted to let you know that your 
comments inspire and encourage me!!


Much luv,


  1. It's what I find myself doing best in life. Encouragement and listening then offering more encouragment. Can't imagine life without it.

  2. Hi Miss Steph! This is my first time hearing her song. It's beautiful and I enjoyed the lyrics. Perfect post as usual! :)


  3. Love your post and wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Can't wait to read more!

  4. I find the R.O.I. (return on investment) of practicing Kindness and Encouragement is WIN/WIN for everyone! Great post.
    I would be happy to supply you with a give about the Random Acts of Kindness heart found on in my Esty shop?
    HERE Let me know-

  5. wow great post love the song Fireworks by Katy Perry and love all the quotes you posted. here is one of mine "to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world."

  6. You're very sweet, Steph! I love the happiness on your blog. It's beautiful and calming and just so happpy!!! Good to bump into you, too, new pal!

  7. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back often and discover the joys and savings of solar cooking. I like to think of my meals as being kissed by God! They're so delicious. So nice to meet you....