Friday, January 14, 2011

My Friday was full....


I didn't leave the house!!
Not even for an appointment (yah!!!) I skipped it!!
Shhh! Don't tell!!

What I did do was sleep alot....I guess I must have needed it!
And the kiddos are all gone, 
well the little ones anyways, they went with the big sis!!
Sometime's it's so cool having adult children :)

And, about the only other thing I did,
besides set up the
Valentine's Day Swap....
is find another cool meme to join :)
Seriously, I didn't even read, not a word!!!!

details located here!!

The new cool meme I found....


Friday Fill-Ins 2011-02

(other peoples fill-ins can be found here!!)

FFI we go! 

1. Right now I need  my legs massaged.

2. Hot tea is what's in my glass.

3. A copy of this letter is barely going to make Friday's deadline. It's 11:49pm.

4. Neurotin(for nerve pain) is best if you mix it with applesauce and eat it with a spoon.

5. The best movie I've seen lately is Despicable Me.
(Yes, I've got five kids, what was your first clue??)

6. Ice tea, like; Hot tea, love.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to some good sleep ( I HOPE!!), tomorrow my plans include reading, meditatating, blogging & taking a walk...WITH THE CANE!!! (GO ME!) and Sunday, I want to call my Dad and have a nice long talk!


Ok, so next time I won't be so rushed
with my answers, 
but I like this meme!!
How fun and interesting :)

Join in next week, why don't you??



  1. the swap sounds like a lot of fun. i hope you get lots of people who want to play. i will most def send people over!!

  2. Alone time can be very beneficial for the soul!!

  3. another great post and i'm with you on the hot tes